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2023 Astrology Outlook – The Dark Pixie Astrology


Two days until a new year! We’re looking ahead at 2023, and there is a lot of really major astrology to come. Let’s dig in!

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It’s a Slow Start to 2023

2023 kicks off with Mars and Mercury retrograde (along with Uranus). We also had personal planets retrograde to start 2022, and that made for a very slow start, to 2023 is the sequel to that.

Be ready to take action when the slow energy lifts, and the opportunity finally presents itself.

This can also mean that some of what is coming to pass late in 2022 carries over early into 2023, and we’re still dealing with it.

But There is a Cardinal T-Square

The year begins with a cardinal t-square, thanks to Ceres in Libra opposing Jupiter in Aries, both square Pluto in Capricorn, which lasts until March. T-squares are intense, challenging energy.

This t-square means we’re extra focused on Pluto, the squared planet, and we’re transforming, destructive, and seeing some major things fall. In Capricorn, this may be authority figures, corporations, covernments, and countries.

We’re missing the cardinal sign Cancer, which is the sign of emotions, and this is what we need more of. We need to keep in mind emotional needs and support, the home/family, strong foundations, and whatever we tear down, building something solid to start over on.

March 2023 Is a BEAST

Saturn starts March changing signs, going from Aquarius to Pisces on March 7th 2023. Saturn has been in Aquarius since 2020, and in Pisces, becomes quieter and more intuitive.

We can focus on releasing subconscious and karmic baggage, having better boundaries, and being more compassionate. If we refuse, Saturn brings those major lessons that feel like major punishment!

Then Pluto moves from Capricorn to Aquarius on March 23rd 2023, and starts its tour of Aquarius (which lasts over 20 years!). In Aquarius, we’re intensely focused on the future, and working to make dreams come true, but may be too obsessed at times and cause more problems.

Then Mars exits Gemini on March 25th 2023, entering Cancer. Mars has been in Gemini since August 2022, and this is an unusually long period for Mars to be in one sign, thanks to Mars retrograde.

With Mars moving from Gemini to Cancer, we can get out of our heads and focus more on what we feel. We can work to support, and be supported.

Pluto is the Punisher for 2023

2023 is a big Pluto year thanks to Pluto moving into Aquarius. It enters March 23rd, then exits June 11th and goes back to Capricorn, so we’re bringing in new focuses with Aquarius, and finishing up the ones that have dominated the last decade with Capricorn.

Pluto’s movement puts Pluto at 2 very sensitive positions, 29 degrees Capricorn and 0 degrees Aquarius. Every Zodiac sign has 30 degrees, and 29 degrees is the last degree and called the anaretic degree, a point of crisis energy in transit.

Pluto is a crisis kind of planet, so touring 29 degrees Capricorn, is likely to absolutely destroy anything Capricorn-like that hasn’t been taken down yet. Watch out billionaires!

0 degrees Aquarius is the location of the Great Conjunction, which is when transit Jupiter and Saturn conjunct (align). This occured in December 2020 at 0 degrees Aquarius.

The Great Conjunction occurs roughly every 20 years, and signals a time of big change of focus. This one was even bigger as it was also the Great Mutation, which means the Great Conjunction changed elements (went from earth signs to air signs).

Pluto at 0 degrees Aquarius puts Pluto at the Great Conjunction position, and we are SO VERY focused on the future. We want to make changes, and we want to think outside of the box.

The Aries Eclipse is Wild Too

The 2022 eclipses were all in Taurus and Scorpio, but every eclipse in 2023 will occur in different signs. The most important one will be the Aries solar eclipse on April 20th 2023, because it occurs at the anaretic degree!

Aries is the most active of the signs, and solar eclipses are times of major new beginnings, so we’re likely going to see some significant new developments occurring with this eclipse.

It will likely start with the previous new moon, which occurs at 0 degrees Aries. This is called the 0 degrees Aries Point, and is also a significant position.

0 degrees Aries wants us to outwardly take action, to make things happen. And of course, this occurs March 21st 2023, so it comes with the big month of March. Seriously, something big is coming!

And There’s Venus Retrograde Conjunct Black Moon Lilith

I absolutely love Black Moon Lilith, which is the apogee of the Moon. In tracking Lilith, I’ve noticed that whenever Lilith conjuncts something, it gets a lot of focus.

That is going to be the case with Venus retrograde on August 8th 2023, which is pretty significant with Venus retrograde. With Venus ruling women, we may see some major developments regarding women’s rights in the world (Lilith loves to take a stand!).

On the downside, there may be more violence, and I’m concerned about some sort of violent attack at an entertainment venue or event (like a concert or move theater), or involving a celebrity/influencer.

It can also be scandal energy, and we may see some important person engulfed in some sort of scandal (especially sex scandal).

So, it’s a wild ride for 2023!

The stars are not going to go easy on us in 2023, unfortunately! This big energy started back in 2020, and it’s going to continue for a few more years, though 2023 seems like it may be an apex.

Go forth cautiously!

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