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2023 Horoscopes…

A warm hello and welcome to your big 2023 forecast!
This year will start on a hectic note – which area of your life will be super busy?
Where will there be special opportunities in 2023?   Special joys?
Responsibilities that need extra patience?
Where will life change?   Where do you need to change?
What is your personal message for the year?
I’ve included a mantra for the year too, to help you tune your energies to the positive frequencies.
Here’s your special forecast for 2023!
​                                                                  2023 ARIES
Travelling extra distances, going further afield plus all kinds of fun and ambitious personal plans will set a fast tempo for the first few months of 2023.   There’ll be discoveries, interesting informative encounters and much to learn along the way.   You’ll make a proactive effort with communication too – to foster new associations, nurture important connections and to discuss and understand the issues and options involved with your plans and undertakings.
Jupiter, the planet of opportunity will transit your Zodiac Sign for the first 5 months of 2023 – lucky breaks will bring exciting personal, professional and financial opportunities, there’ll be special unique experiences, you’ll be in the right place at the right time for a special career and a fortuitous financial turn of events could bring a financial score.   You will also get out and about to new places, move in new circles, make some advantageous connections and enjoy life in fun new ways.
A prize new possession will be a joy, it will also do you proud!   You’ll gain a cluster of other new possessions too that enhance the everyday living.   A greater cash flow will make life easier and you’ll spend more freely.
Family responsibilities will grow – a family member will need ongoing support or a family situation will carry extra responsibilities.   Domestic repairs, improvements or changes will be a lot of work – it will take diligent perseverance to see them through.   You’ll need to marshal your resources, maintain clear focus and strengthen your efforts to bring a drawn-out family duty or commitment to fruition.   A health pursuit will need strong follow through as well.
Life is changing financially – you’ll move into a new financial situation with new choices, but you may also need to change some of your financial practices; clarify what you want and see the big picture  – it will help you develop a workable, successful strategy to achieve your goals.
You’re in a go ahead, expansive cycle!   You’ll revel in a new sense of freedom, embrace new possibilities and focus on moving forward and making the most of life!
I love life, I love my life and I make the most of every day.

                                                                2023 TAURUS
You’ll be juggling your finances in the first few months of 2023 to absorb extra expenses and extra spending, there may also be growing costs with a slow-moving endeavour and some unfinished business to tidy.   Money owing to you should come in and it’ll be a relief to sort out an outstanding account or debt that’s been on your mind.
Working towards a long-term domestic goal this year, with a household project or repair, will help you create the home that you desire; it’ll take carefully considered steps to bring this to fruition.   Tightening your belt and budgeting carefully will help you achieve important financial objectives – this will be an exercise in discipline but it’ll ensure you meet hefty commitments and cover large additional outlays.   Reunions will set the scene to reconnect with people you go back with a long way.   Attention to your health will help you overcome a problem or enjoy greater wellbeing.   Greater family involvement will be an opportunity to be supportive, engaged or to reconnect with relatives you haven’t seen a lot of recently.
A financial windfall, new stream of income, a financial offer or a new financial arrangement will set up a new financial chapter for you; it will be liberating!   Also, you’ll make the most of special chances to widen your horizons and expand your circle of associates.   Fun outings and get-togethers will be happy highlights.   A legal matter or contract should go well.
Helping a friend, relative or in-law will ask a lot of you; doing kind things for others may sometimes entail more than you expect.   It will take good organisation, to do something you’ve wanted to do for a long time or to go somewhere you’ve always wanted.   Maintaining or rebuilding old friendships will also take a thoughtful effort.
Exciting and unusual opportunities will open up this year and bring wonderful new experiences.   There’ll also be changing personal circumstances, and a professional situation where you need to change your approach to adapt to changing conditions around you.   You are changing as well – you may change some personal habits, how you handle things and rethink where you’re going in life.
The first half of the year will be very different from the 2nd half of the year – you’ll gather momentum as the year unfolds, make some big personal decisions and instigate a major change; it will feel good to take firmer control of your life.
I value and build on all I have learned; life leads me forward and I advance with confidence!

                                                              2023 GEMINI
The planet Mars in Gemini for the first few months of 2023 means that much will be up to you – you’ll have to be the driving force if you want change, you’ll have to speak up and open discussions if there are issues you want to address, and in a situation that requires decisive action ‘the ball will be in your court’.   This is good news – you can take back your power and start to lead with a matter or undertaking that you’ve been leaving to someone else.   This will also be a physically active time – you’ll throw yourself into a fitness pursuit or tackle strenuous physical tasks.
The way will open for a special wish to come true in 2023; this will be exhilarating, it’ll also set up a positive new chapter with someone dear – you’ll be able to cultivate your relationship, share special moments and put a tough patch behind you.   There’ll be opportunities for holidays too, to go to places you enjoy and to do fun, different things; a lessening of pressures or periodic breaks from work and everyday demands will give more time for fun activities.   Singles, romance is in the air!
Making progress with a tough drawn-out undertaking or issue will be a relief and a joy; your perseverance will be rewarded!   A reunion or re-establishing a relationship with someone you’ve shared a lot with in the past will be an emotional highlight – initially though, you may need to feel your way gently.   A domestic repair or improvement will make home an even nicer place to be.
A change on the job, possibly at a senior level, could bring extra responsibilities and longer days for you but this is a time to take the initiative, prove your salt and climb the ladder of success!   Also, the buck will stop with you, with big personal or financial commitments; at times you’ll need to dig deep, to show how capable and reliable you are.
Old personal thinking that shaped your decisions and expectations in the past will need to be reconsidered; there’ll be people or events to forgive and old upsets to let go.   There may be something that is tying you down or tying your hands in a situation; changing your attitude will change your perspective – seeing the situation or commitment through fresh clearer eyes will help you find the best way forward.
You’re laying the groundwork for a new personal chapter; life or your plans may not move quite as quickly or smoothly as you’d like but staying power will get you there!   You may need to take a little extra care health-wise; alternatively, you’ll pour energy into a health goal or helping someone close with their health, diet or fitness efforts.
I love to look on the bright side of life and I see wonderful times ahead – life is getting better and better!
                                                            2023 CANCER
There’ll be sudden bursts of action but also extra demands or setbacks with a slow-moving commitment or situation during the first few months of 2023; the end goal will be in sight but it’ll be a challenge to sustain your focus and follow through.   You’ll pour energy into a health pursuit or supporting someone close with their health, diet or fitness endeavours.   Domestic repairs and tasks will keep improving your home environment.
There’ll be the opportunity to carve out a new career path this year or raise your professional profile –  a new job, promotion or an ambitious project on the job will be an exciting challenge and the chance to make your mark, it should also bring financial improvements; alternatively, an ambitious personal endeavour may be a lot of work but it’ll bring rewarding achievements.
Holiday plans, fun getaways or pursuing a fun interest and meeting like-minded people through this will be joys of 2023.   A colleague or friend who believes in you will be especially encouraging and supportive, new friendships will grow, you could also foster a valuable new connection.
Legal business or official paperwork may be a demanding task this year; it’ll require persistent attention to details.   A long-distance relationship will take extra effort but it’ll build a closer connection.   A new study or a learn-as-you-go undertaking will take you into a new world, travel plans for you or someone close will take careful organisation.
Changing desires about what you want from life and what you want to do with your life, achieve or have will reshape your plans for the future: meaningful new goals will emerge.   A changing circle of associates will require thoughtful adaptability on your part; exploring different points of connection with new associates will help these relationships to grow.   A friendship that’s important to you may evolve in a new way as well.
There’ll be fun new dimensions to life in 2023 – you’ll discover and explore new places, meet unusual people from very different walks of life and enjoy fun new experiences.   A surprise turn of events will bring an exciting and unusual opportunity.
I know that every step in my life is meaningful and leads me to my highest good!
                                                                  2023 LEO
You’ll throw yourself into fun get-togethers and plans with friends and relatives in the first few months of 2023, as well as develop new social connections and friendly business contacts.   Doing fun things and going to fun places will also add a freshness to the everydayness.
Travel, a holiday or fun getaways will fire your imagination; the more you see and do, the more you’ll realise there is to see and do, which will inspire you to set bigger and bolder plans in motion.   The opportunity to expand your relationship with a distant loved one or a special associate will be uplifting.   Exploring a new place or environment will offer a feast of new experiences, a new social scene will open up as well.   On a different tack, studying a subject that you love will broaden your knowledge and skills; this growing interest will introduce you to another world.
A career door will open – it will be exciting to show more of what you can do, you’ll also bask in special triumphs!   A pat on the back or recommendation from a colleague you admire will add to your happiness.   Alternatively or as well as, a triumph with a special personal or creative endeavour will be a sweet joy.   Singles, you’ll celebrate the joy of finding your special someone.
2023 will be hardworking year but higher earnings will help you get ahead.   Taking a big step financially will bring increasing responsibilities, a property undertaking may call for you to restructure your finances or a financial arrangement with another will need reorganising.   A growing personal responsibility will ask more of you too.
A changing career path or personal direction in 2023 will reshape your goals.   Also, there’ll be unusual conditions, tasks and experiences that call for you to think outside the square and find new ways of handling things.
You’ll break new ground this year!   This is your chance to ‘go for gold’ professionally and achieve grand objectives.   Love also features – there’ll be a loving new relationship, more love in your existing relationship, you’ll do something that you love and pursue a goal you feel passionately about.
I pour love into everything I do and life gives love and joy back to me in all directions!

                                                                   2023 VIRGO
In the first few months of 2023, the pressure will be on!   Demanding conditions on the job or an ambitious personal undertaking plus all kinds of extra tasks, requests and commitments will really stretch your resources; you’ll feel like you’re always rushing and run off your feet!   There should be some special achievements though, you could earn extra money and your versatility and capabilities will shine!
There’ll be the opportunity to get ahead financially in 2023  – with a financial investment, a new financial venture, by restructuring a loan, credit or arrangement with another, or learning more about your options with a complex financial issue or procedure.   Attending to super, tax, insurance matters or a contract will entail working through some complicated financial paperwork but it will serve you well – it will bring financial benefits and help you organise your affairs more effectively.  
Travel plans will light up your imagination – this may be a fun holiday or a trip that serves a special purpose.   Reconnecting or building relations with a distant relative, friend or colleague or someone returning from afar will be a joy.   A seminar or new learning will not only give you knowledge and add to your skills, it will open your eyes to possibilities you can’t wait to explore.   A legal matter will go well.   Mixing in a new social circle will be fun and eye-opening.
Responsibilities to your loved ones or other people, family commitments, a sense of duty or promises to keep will sometimes go over the top; watch the tendency to take on too much.   Also avoid taking other people’s problems on board or you’ll be trying to fix things that are not your’s to fix.
Life is opening up for you – whether you’re embracing a new study, tackling an unusual new project, travelling, exploring new places or investigating new job prospects, you’ll be on an exhilarating learning curve!
Your world is expanding and this will bring a feast of new challenges, experiences, discoveries and a wave of new people into your life.   You’ll see a much bigger picture, there’ll be a greater personal freedom and you’ll be keen to spread your wings!
I love to learn and grow; I embrace life’s exciting new possibilities whole-heartedly!
                                                               2023 LIBRA
Going the extra mile for special get-togethers or family occasions will push the pace in the first few months of the year; alternatively, holiday or travel plans will surge ahead.   Legal business, official paperwork or a contract will require thoughtful attention to details.
A family event may welcome a new family member into the clan or offer the chance to nurture or heal relations with a relative or in-law.   Grand plans with your mate or a relative will be an exciting focus in your relationship; you’ll pull together to bring them to fruition.   A meaningful new relationship could develop too; Singles, you could fall in love!
It will be a relief and a joy to make progress with a big financial venture or expensive plans, resolve a financial problem or sort out tax, insurance or super matters; dotting every ‘I’ will ensure all flows smoothly, it will also be enlightening.   A gift or generous gestures from another will touch your heart.
You’ll take on challenging personal tasks and family duties this year; you may feel obligated to do this but you’ll also come from the heart.   There’ll be extra tasks on the job too that are taxing but show what you can do.   A health matter or pursuit will require a greater commitment as well.
You could make some financial changes this year – funding special things you want to do and supporting loved ones may call for a budget review; alternatively, a financial undertaking or re-organisation will put you into a new situation.   You may need to try a new approach with a complex financial issue or challenging goal.
This year will bring reflective periods, when you contemplate your deeper emotional and spiritual values; coming to terms with how you’ve changed or haven’t changed, what you now believe, and defining meaningful goals for the future will make this a time of special personal growth.   Flashes of insight and inspiration will also strengthen your sense of purpose.
Every day, in every way, my life is getting richer, happier and more fulfilling.
                                                               2023 SCORPIO
There’ll be a surge of financial matters to attend to in the first few months of 2023 – paperwork you need to work through, expensive plans or purchases, and some complex financial business or a contract to sort out; there should also be the chance to earn extra.   You will get ahead financially but the financial pressures and issues could make it stressful.
This is your year to prove yourself on the job – there’ll be projects and tasks that extend your abilities and feature your ideas and talents.   Overtime or a sideline that brings waves of extra work, a promotion or new job opening will increase your earnings.   You’ll cultivate valuable connections or clients, colleagues will sing your praises, and referrals or recommendations will bring further benefits.   Special triumphs will be highlights as well.
There’ll be special moments of joy in some relationships that sweeten this year – you’ll immerse yourself in a grand family project, there’ll be joyful family get-togethers and you’ll celebrate an exciting opportunity or success for a loved one, a relationship that’s special to you will also grow; Singles, a new love could sweep into your life!   You’ll give generously to loved ones too and to bring shared plans to fruition.
Growing commitments with your children will require greater support from you but sharing more including special projects and fun activities will strengthen your connection, deeper communication at times will offer valuable insights but relationships will take more work.   A creative or personal pursuit, or an interest you’ve had for a long time will be a labour of love.
Changing relationships will call for you to adjust and change your approach; relationships are energy, they ebb and flow and they change over time – being open to this will help you see where they’re at now, what you need to do or not do, and how best to proceed.
Attention to health pursuits will be a distinguishing feature of 2023 – you’ll spend extra money on your health, supplements, spa treatments, massage, the gym, a personal trainer or health issues; you’ll want to feel good, stronger and more able and these efforts will steer you along an enlightening path.
I am so grateful for all my wonderful opportunities and blessings; I make the most of life’s generous and beautiful gifts!
                                                          2023 SAGITTARIUS
Labours of love for people dear to you will keep you busy during the first few months of 2023 – there’ll be special commitments, inconvenient requests and changes of plans but you’ll do your best to help and support those nearest and dearest.    There may also be occasional frustrations or spats that cause sparks to fly but you’ll be in a position to defuse these.
A creative or personal endeavour will be an exciting opportunity to foster an untapped talent, learn from talented people and become more involved with something you love; you’ll make friendly and helpful new contacts who share your passion and new friendships could form; Singles, a fun romance could light up your life.   Special opportunities for your children will open the way for special achievements; there’ll also be unique chances to nurture your relationships with your children.
A job opening or a sideline, that enables you to advance your professional interests or earn more money, will put you in high spirits.   Special projects on the job will be exciting and stimulating, also working with colleagues you like will add to your joy in your work.   Throwing yourself into a health pursuit or goal will also bring pleasing results – you’ll turn a problem around or achieve a new level of fitness or wellbeing that’s rewarding.
Property business – buying, selling or moving will require careful organisation and follow through. Alternatively, a renovation or repairs will be a big task and quite expensive.   Family duties will grow as well; older family members in particular may need extra support.
Changes of the job will test your willingness to do things differently – there’ll be new policies, new colleagues or new job conditions to embrace.   You’ll need to master new techniques, new equipment or adapt to a changing market or schedule.   Health-wise, you’ll explore new information and ideas and put them into practice.
Acts of service will bring emotional rewards.   Helping others, doing kind things and making a difference will be meaningful and satisfying for you; the warm appreciative feedback will touch your heart, it may also bring blessings and opportunities.   Thinking about the future will require a long view – where you want to live and how you want to set up the next chapter; clear priorities will lead to wise choices.
I choose to be all that I can be; I love life and life loves me!
                                                                2023 CAPRICORN
During the first few months of 2023, you’ll work on your fitness or tackle some challenging physical tasks; you’ll also put in extra hours on the job, to deal with sudden extra requests and pressures.
Home and property matters are emphasised – you could move, renovate or simply add extra comfort or luxury to your home-life with special purchases or improvements; alternatively, your home-life will improve with a new domestic situation.   There’ll also be an opportunity to nurture family relationships – special family plans and gatherings will enable you to connect with relatives you haven’t seen for ages.   A special opportunity for a family member will be something to celebrate.
There’ll be more fun in your love-life this year – romantic getaways or fun date nights; Singles, a new romance will lift your heart to happy heights.   There’ll be joy in your children – an opportunity or achievement for a child will be particularly meaningful, a new baby or grandchild may be a special blessing, or sharing more and building closer bonds with a child will add to your happiness.   Also, you’ll throw yourself into an interest you’ve long wanted to explore.   A new social scene will unfold.   A special reunion will revitalise a relationship that goes way back.
An ambitious personal endeavour will be a big task – you’ll gain new knowledge and skills as you develop your ideas and abilities, but you’ll also need to focus and work hard to make progress.   A knowledgeable person will be a wonderful guide but only if you apply all that you learn from them.   A relative a little too far away may require extra support as well.
Life with your children may be changing, your relationship with a child may be changing, or your life may change with the addition of a new loved one.   Conversely, or as well as, you may need to change your approach to a child or grandchild to adapt to the next stage of your relationship.   With a personal interest or hobby, unusual new possibilities could expand your involvement.
You’ll look at life and live life more from the heart – loving what you do, loving a new pursuit, sharing more with loved ones, reconnecting with people you loved or shared special times with in the past will bring a feast of emotional treats.
I am thankful for all the good in my life, and I open my heart to wonderful new waves of joy and love!
                                                              2023 AQUARIUS
In the first 3 months of the year, fun outings, occasions and activities will bring happy times aplenty.   Fun plans and commitments with your children, grandchildren or a loved one will require a vigorous effort, you’ll also be extra supportive and there when you’re needed.   Putting a concentrated effort into a favourite pursuit or hobby, to get better at it or achieve new goals, will bring rewarding results.
An exciting personal project will offer a feast of new experiences, you’ll also learn a lot from stimulating, informative encounters with interesting people you meet along the way.   Getaways or short trips will be joyful opportunities to explore new places; warm, friendly exchanges as you go will develop new connections.
A new home or home situation, home improvements or special purchases for your home will please you; alternatively, a repair could take a weight off your mind.   There’ll be big things happening in your family-life too – you may welcome a new family member, there may be a long-awaited family celebration, or a special opportunity or success for a family member will be a joy for your heart.
Financial commitments may be a little restrictive this year but they’ll give a strong structure to your financial management.   A financial undertaking that requires disciplined follow through will need a clear plan of action.   A slow-moving financial issue or some unfinished financial business that reaches back into the past will require persevering efforts.   Large, practical purchases will need a well-thought-out budget.
Life may be changing on the home front and also with your financial plans and personal goals for the future; you may question where you want to live, what you want or need for the future and how best to set yourself up – a new vision will inspire you and colour your ideas.   Be prepared for changes with some family members too – they may be changing, or your relationship may be changing; it will be time to accept them for who they are and embrace the new chapter that’s unfolding.
You could plan a long way ahead this year, especially financially; you may set up a savings or investment strategy, to help you afford the lifestyle you want or personal things you’re keen to do further down the track.   You may also plan ahead for the family or to prepare for expensive family plans to come.
I celebrate life and its wonderful gifts; there are wonderful possibilities everywhere to explore!

                                                         2023 PISCES
The first 3 months of 2023 will bring plenty of action on the home front with bursts or family involvement and special plans that take a lot of energy, strenuous domestic undertakings, also relatives and friends will beat a path to your door.   You’ll spend freely on your family, domestic purchases and domestic endeavours too.
2023 will bring financial opportunities – to earn extra money, to get a new financial venture off the ground and to do some good deals.   You’ll set and achieve your financial goals – you’ll buy something you’ve been planning for, for some time and fund expensive plans that have been a while in the making.   If you’re looking for work, there should be a fortuitous opening that’s lucrative as well as advantageous.
Fun trips will be special joys of 2023; you’ll delight in discovering new worlds, there’ll be a sense of exhilaration and freedom, you’ll enjoy meeting new people and you’ll embrace wonderful new experiences.   There’ll be joy in new learning too – you’ll apply yourself to gain new knowledge or skills, alternatively you’ll immerse yourself in a project that offers expansive experiential learning.
With Saturn moving into your Zodiac Sign, you’ll take on extra responsibilities with something you want to do or achieve – this may be a property endeavour or an ambitious personal aspiration; taking the reins will put you in control of where it goes, how fast it moves along, and you’ll be practical, organised, determined and purposeful as you work through the tasks involved.
Life will challenge you to keep an open mind this year.   If you stick to your guns, old thinking and old ways, you’ll miss the unusual opportunities and potential this period has to offer.
2023 will be an upbeat year – you’ll feel more positive, motivated and also braver, to tackle and move forward with plans and issues where you’ve hesitated in the past.
I greet each day with love and joy in my heart and everywhere I go, lovely things happen to me. 

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