You are currently viewing A Green Light from the Red Planet: January 1-15 2023 Astrology Forecast

A Green Light from the Red Planet: January 1-15 2023 Astrology Forecast

Mars turning direct and a potently aspected Cancer Full Moon highlight the first half of January. We also have a T-Square that could revolutionize your relationships to align better with your soul purpose, and a Double Yod Key that could fire up your learning and communication!

This forecast covers this half-month’s most important astrological events. Also check out my award-winning This Week in Astrology audio podcast and YouTube video forecasts!

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As of January 1 …

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1/1 (Sun)

There’s a powerful opportunity to transform the structure of your relationships, creativity or finances with Venus conjunct Pluto (27°39′ Capricorn). This aspect is especially potent for wealth empowerment!

1/4 (Wed)

Relationship T-Square Starts

2023 01 13 T Square Venus Uranus Lunar Nodes

A new T-Square makes it a great time to connect with those special people with whom you feel a soul bond.

Aquarian Venus is this aspect pattern’s focal point, and is joined by Uranus and the Lunar Nodes. This T-Square starts today (1/4), peaks on 1/13 and ends on 1/18.

Uranus reinforces the message of connecting with those unique people you share that special vibe with. The Lunar Nodes up the ante, suggesting that you hang with the people who help you fulfill your soul purpose.

This T-Square can destabilize relationships that don’t serve your highest good, or that need healing to harmonize. It can also catapult well-aligned relationships to the next level!

Listen for intuitive hits to guide you. These bolts of inner wisdom can also help you in your creativity and finances!

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1/6 (Fri)

Potently Aspected Cancer Full Moon

2023 01 06 Full Moon

A Full Moon lights up the sky at 6:08 pm EST (16°21′ Cancer). Any Cancer Full Moon is ideal for release or adjustment in the areas of home and family, as well as security, emotions, and shadow work.


This Full Moon is potently aspected, and includes two aspect patterns!


One Full Moon aspect pattern is a T-Square with the luminaries, Mercury, Pallas Athena and Chiron. Chiron’s prominent position at the T-Square’s apex can catalyze shadow work, so have an effective self-healing technique handy. (Have you tried my free, fast and effective Healing Invocation?)

This T-Square can also help you serve with Chiron’s outward expressions: healer and wisdom-giver. (Mercury nudges things more toward wisdom-giving.) Pallas Athena invites you to do this strategically, working smart and not just hard.


This Full Moon’s other aspect pattern is a Cradle. It shares four planets with the T-Square – Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Pallas Athena – and also includes Vesta, Uranus and Neptune.

With both planets of intuition present, this Cradle can help you perceive your inner guidance more clearly. Uranus communicates through sudden intuitive hits, while Neptune can flow information continuously like a waterfall.

The more spiritually awake you are, the more easily you’ll receive this infallible inner guidance. (Thousands have sped up their spiritual awakening and enhanced their intuition with my free Embodied Awakening Invocation.)

Vesta represents a selfless higher cause, while her conjunction to Neptune can open you to deeper compassion and unconditional love. The Cancer Moon conjunct Pallas Athena invites your deeply felt emotions to inspire action that strategically benefits everyone. Finally, Mercury in Capricorn can help you think about all this in a practical, structured way.

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1/8 (Sun)

It’s easier to think like a genius with Mercury (human mind) trine Uranus (divine mind). Everyone I’ve ever asked says that things end up better when you follow your intuitive hits, which come courtesy of Uranus. If this has also proved true for you, I recommend that you trust them!

1/9 (Mon)

Relationship harmony and innovative creativity can flow more easily with Venus trine Mars (8°11′ Aquarius-Gemini). With Mars in Gemini, experiment with something new!

1/10 (Tue)

Even More Wisdom-Giving Power!

2023 01 14 Double Yod Key Mercury Mars Chiron South NodeThe ongoing Yod with Mars, Chiron and the South Node gets a boost to its “wisdom giver” power as Mercury joins this “Finger of God” aspect pattern. This creates two interlaced Yods, known as a “Double Yod Key.” This gives you additional juju to share your wisdom with the world or soak up the insights of others.

This enhanced aspect pattern starts today (1/10) and peaks on 1/14. It will peak again on 1/24 and end on 1/29.

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1/12 (Thu)

Mars Turns Direct

Mars GlyphMars turns direct today at 3:56 pm EST (8°7’Gemini). The Warrior Planet has been retrograde since 10/30 (25°36′ Gemini). Mars turns retrograde every 26 months. As Mars turns direct, it’s a great time to start acting on the Martian themes you’ve been contemplating.

When Mars turned retrograde, I invited you to reflect on how you embody the roles of the warrior, pioneer, entrepreneur, and sexual being. How skillfully do you deal with anger and impulsiveness? Do you take action in an optimal way?

Mars was retrograde in Gemini. Is there new action you can take regarding the information you’re learning or sharing? Is it time to add variety to your life, or connect more with your neighbors?

Pick the themes that excite you and put them into action!

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1/13 (Fri)

T-Square Peaks

The Venus-Uranus-Lunar Nodes T-Square that started on 1/4 peaks today (1/13) and ends on 1/18.

1/14 (Sat)

Double Yod Key Peaks

The Double Yod Key with Mercury, Mars, Chiron, and the South Node that started on 1/10 peaks today (1/14), It will peak again on 1/24 and end on 1/29.

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