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GO INWARD – Jessica Shepherd

Every year, from mid November thru January, it’s a good idea to pull inward. Why? At this time of year, energetic dis-resonance is higher.

Holiday cheer contrasting with the real suffering of human life; materialism with financial restrictions; not to mention the many social commitments, which circulate flus and colds, obligations toward family and the accompanying guilt and pressure…

Plus, we are heading into Solstice, 12/21, Capricorn season. All of Nature -human, plant and animal- is meant to be slowing down, hibernating, resting.

So, every year when I start feeling a little extra funky, I recommit to practicing more intentionality around my psychic boundaries.

(I call my awareness of invisible energies, and how they affect my interactions, life and relationships, my “psychic boundaries.”)

This awareness keeps me feeling healthier, less depleted, less of an empathic sponge to unwanted energies.

Want to try?

In practice, for you, this might look like:

-only committing to what (and who) feels joyful and resonant for you.
-only giving gifts if it feels loving and joyful to do so.
-making much more space for surrender, stillness and inwardness.
-intentionally focusing on the good things that you personally love about the season, and making sure you give yourself those gifts.
-cancelling or cutting back on work, if possible! It may not be for some, and if you receiving good energy by all means do it…But healers, especially (if you are a natural NURTURER, you are a healer), deeply benefit from recouping and regenerating energies at this time of year.

Times of intense transformation and release requires deep dives inward, and creating a safe space for whatever wants to be felt to emerge. Not only because it’s just good self care, but because when we get QUIET and STILL we can catch the golden nuggets here for us.

And, when we honor the urge to go inward, we also fortify, strengthen, ourselves for what’s next. This is what we are meant to be doing now.

Not to mention, life gets richer, deeper, when we are present to ourselves.

I am enjoying stillness with the birds, four of which, right now, sit in a little row, huddled together on a fence, grooming one another.

…May you find a comfy, happy, place that allows you to be inward.

(This watercolor sketch is of me in a happy place, Abiquiu, NM! You can purchase this as a greeting card right here.)

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