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GOODBYE 2022, HELLO MERCURY RX! — The Hoodwitch

The last Mercury retrograde of 2022 begins today and brings us into a new year contemplating the past. Since this retrograde is in Capricorn, we will spend more time reflecting and focusing on how we can upgrade our lives more than anything else. With the planetary moonwalk comes technological issues, miscommunications, travel problems, and impulsiveness. 

Unlike the retrogrades we’ve experienced before, Mars is retrograde as well. The action planet is forming a minor frustration with Mercury retrograde, creating major annoyances. Plus, they’re in mutual reception of each other, so these planets are empowering each other. That leaves room for arguments, irritation, and exhaustion. Right or wrong — everyone wants to be heard and assert their opinions, which can lead to more drama.

A great way to handle this energy is to be unreactive until you gather all the information. Try to get the facts before popping off in order to avoid mutual confusion and fights. Also, try taking a deep breath and waiting a minute to calm down before responding to irritating situations in an effort to remain chill. 

The next few weeks will be emotionally challenging. Don’t let others project their emotions onto you (and vice versa). Protect your energy by remaining present at all times. You got this!


Key Dates:

December 12: Mercury enters the pre-retrograde degrees, starting the story for the retrograde. 

December 29: Mercury retrograde commences. A few hours later, Mercury retrograde and Venus in Capricorn unite, making us nostalgic and lost in our emotions. 

January 2: Mercury retrograde and Neptune bring ambiguous and paranoid sentiments our way. Don’t believe what you hear. Fact check! 

January 6: The Cancer Full Moon opposes Mercury retrograde, creating major miscommunications and emotional meltdowns.

January 7: The Sun and Mercury retrograde align. The “cazimi” element of this planetary aspect makes it the best day of retrograde since Mercury is in “the heart of the Sun” and gaining power.

January 8: Uranus awakens and sheds light on secrets and mysteries for Mercury retrograde to uncover. 

January 13: Mercury retrograde links up with the Nodes of Destiny, bringing fated connections our way. 

January 18: Mercury retrograde officially ends, but its post-shadow period lingers on for a few weeks. 

February 7: Mercury clears its retro-shade zone, clearing up the drama from the past several months.

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