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New Story! | ElsaElsa

I finally got another story published. It’s another one of my favorites because it’s just so odd. But it’s a great example of psychopathy in real life. It’s raw and tragic but also hilarious. It’s life!

If you’re new here, I have a freakish background. I also have this weird ability to recall dialogue, verbatim, from decades back.  Consequently,  I sound my age my stories. I am thirteen in this one, on the brink of teenage rebellion.

W is an Aquarian sun with three other planets in the sign. He has a Libra moon which is one of the reasons he took me with him all the time. I’m thinking on speed in this, as always.

Here you go:

The Juvie Guy

If you like this story, here are some others. Please remove your virgin ears before reading. These are real stories, with real dialogue. I refuse to dumb them down.

True Stories

Happy New Year, everybody!

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