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Sat Sangat Astrology: 2023 New Year Vibes

The Earth element is predominant by far. The dominant modality is Cardinal. The stronger planets are Jupiter, Venus and Mercury, in that order.

The abundance of Earth energy will probably translate into growing struggles in the material reality (Taurus Capricorn trine) with increasingly stark climate events. The year starts within the Capricorn Moon Cycle, with the crescent gibbous Moon. The trine between the Moon and the Sun is the stage of growth and increase during the moon cycle. With several planets in Capricorn, this Moon cycle indicates that the whole year will be austere, and will increasingly present serious organizational and systemic issues that need fixing (Virgo empty leg of the trine).  For instance, extreme temperatures may devastate Nature and impact all forms of life on Earth, including human life. The problems with distribution of energy and food will probably increase and require innovative (Uranus in Taurus) ways of dealing with them. And health issues may ensue requiring urgent attention.

It’s time to look at reality in the face and understand how humans have been abusing natural resources. Excessive and unnecessary consumption in certain places of the globe has overburdened other productive areas to the maximum to the point of depleting resources. Furthermore, in great proportion, most resources are later wasted by those who think that are entitled to having ever more.  

The Capricorn Taurus trine is helping to put this reality in blunt and undeniable evidence. Uranus jolting Nature in all manners of ways, brings one surprise after another inviting humans to wake up to reality. This brings forward the negligence and misadministration of the material aspects of life by the corporations and government institutions (Capricorn), which, farther from seeking the wellbeing of the people they are supposed to serve, only rule by the principles of profit and ambitious capital growth. 

Additionally, Saturn, the Lord of all these planets in Capricorn is still in Aquarius, therefore social restrictions, communication censorship, human rights violations don’t go away yet. Saturn moving to Pisces will bring other reasons and ways to regulate and control the masses.

Pluto‘s 15-year transit in Capricorn has relentlessly brought out to light the devastating consequences of those corrupted practices. In the era of globalization and with the help of  mass media, the citizens of the world realize how they have been abused and enslaved for the benefit of a few, while these few have been building a pyramid of power on the heads and shoulders of the masses. Pluto’s work has decomposed the system, and reduced it to dust. The established system is not able to cope with the current reality. Governments try desperately to patch here and there the broken sociopolitical organization, in unsuccessful attempts to control spending, inflation, production, employment, and other issues. 

With Pluto in Capricorn, the system has rotted to the core. There is no way back. Pluto destroys, demolishes, decomposes, and then, uses the compost to give birth to the new. 

The Spring of the new life is near. It’s a slow process that may start in March 2023 with the shift of Saturn and Pluto to new Signs. It will continue through February 2026 when Saturn conjoins Neptune in Aries. Slowly but surely, it’s coming. 

Distribution of Energies on the Chart

The planets are distributed in the last and first quadrants of the natural zodiac. This means that the old is ending (through Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces) and the birthing labor of the new has already started at the same time (through Aries, Taurus and Gemini). 

Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn in Capricorn and Aquarius, and Neptune in Pisces have been in charge of the political demolition, social restructuring, and final dissolution -respectively- of the current global system. 

Eris, the Goddess of Discord, in Aries for the last almost hundred years has been reclaiming the right of existence, especially for those left out of the ‘gods’ banquet‘. The maverick Uranus gave a futuristic perspective to the human identity (transiting Aries). Chiron came behind clamouring for those who are ‘different’ to be recognized and accepted as contributors in society. Jupiter is now augmenting those Aries energies until May 2023. With intense and shocking shake ups, Uranus in Taurus has been waking up citizens around the world, with urgency. He urges us to attend to our environmental reality and the way we use resources, with the objective of finding new ways of sustaining life on Earth. 

Las bodas de Tetis y Peleo, (The Wedding of Thetis and Peleus),

1633, by Jacob Jordaens, in the Museo del Prado, Madrid, Spain.

2023 Chart Analysis

The Cardinal energy from Capricorn to Aries, stimulates us to change, to do something related to the planets symbolism and the houses they transit on your natal chart.

The final dispositors of the January First 2023 chart are Venus and Neptune. Venus in Capricorn deals with the tangibles of life, or the material reality. Money, resources, and all ‘substance’ and energy sources that sustains life are on the table, as well as the urge to create peace and harmony. To talk about Neptune in Pisces, the astrologer will need to write a book. Suffice to say here that Neptune activates the disease and health axis of Virgo-Pisces, where all imbalances are symbolized. The combination of Venus and Neptune brings confusion to the tangible world, and possible dissolution of certain aspects of it. Things may not be as they seem. 

Venus, Mercury and Cupid, Louis Michel Van Loo

Mercury retrograde in Capricorn increases people’s mental focus on the need to organize the material reality. In addition, all Mercury retrogrades of this year will take place in the Earth Signs of Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo, highlighting this focus. 

Mercury Stationary Retrograde

Hygiea is prominent for several reasons. For one, Hygiea is the ‘cutting’ planet, or “the planet facing, in a clockwise direction, the largest open space between two planets in the horoscope. […] It shows the manner in which the individual enters into new experiences.”1 This means that for people to initiate any activity or experience, they have to take disease prevention into consideration. If the Sun is considered the first planet instead, that means that people will think first of protecting themselves, when entering new experiences (Sun in Capricorn can build walls around). 

In addition, with Hygiea at the top of the World chart in square to Jupiter in Aries, people will have to give high priority to a better planification of disease prevention. Governments will have to better fund and manage the public healthcare system. Not only that, but Jupiter semi-square Uranus may indicate the need or demand for the freedom to decide for oneself when it comes to healthcare. However, it could also reflect legislation of technological innovations in the area of healthcare and disease prevention, which could be activated surprisingly and quickly. 

Statue of Hygeia

In the local Greenwich chart, the Cancer midheaven would indicate that the maximum priority for people is finding refuge and safe places in order to thrive. Yet Lilith in Cancer reflects the fear of abandonment and neglect of families. This sound logical given the massive migration movements due to hunger, wars, terrorism and crime, repeated catastrophic natural events, and all kind of issues due to irresponsible stewardship of the material realm. Their consequences have recently gone out of control in such a way that societal and governmental organizations can’t contain nor solve them. 

If that is not enough, Ceres also opposes Jupiter. The overwhelming need of people in dire straits for protection, shelter, care, or ‘nurturing’ becomes an impossible task. “The inability to say ‘no’ to other people’s needs can deplete one’s own nurturing reserves.”2

Ceres, Goddess of the Harvest

The Sun square Chiron indicates difficulties, restrictions and obstacles on our efforts to fulfill the essence of our life mission. “The expression of our lives is dependent upon attending -seriously, consciously, and intentionally- to our wounds and issues”3 This year, people will be provoked and urged to attend to their core wounds, in order to be able to express the fullness of their essence. However, many will rationalize that they have no such inadequacies of being, even though their shortcomings and vulnerabilities will be so evident that some will vent them out openly, justifying themselves with pride. Hearing people say ‘what can I do, I’m this way?’ is a common excuse for not doing anything to improve, even though they recognize that something is wrong with them. This year then presents the opportunities to question those assumptions because, unfortunately, the creativity necessary to face the times challenges is blocked by stubbornly keeping stuck in one’s detrimental ways.

Mercury square Eris reflects expressions of discontent, There are news, communications and plans from the top down powers about people protesting to defend their own rights. Eris public rebellion represents the disenfranchised of society who strive to demand recognition and acceptance. Diverse ethnic groups, LGBTQ, disabled individuals, refugies, asylum seekers, victims of slavery, and all sort of displaced and rejected people claim to receive equal protection under the human rights. Governmental institutions, corporations and authorities in power are forced to issue statements (Mercury rx) related to their claims.

Venus conjunct Pluto intensifies desires, however, being in the sign of Capricorn people can expect to feel overwhelmed by fear of not having enough money, food or resources. On the one hand, people will obsessively increase their focus on financial matters. Due to high inflation and other economic problems, the majority of the population is tightening their belts. On the other, this will probably impact banks, mortgages, loans, debts, insurance, taxes, corporate money, most especially superfluous spending habits and the purchase of luxuries. Bankruptcies could break the financial market, and banks may need to completely overhaul their financial system (Capricorn). The USA most probably trigger this domino effect due to their Pluto return last hit December 28, 2022, when Venus is already in orb conjunct transiting Pluto.

Birth of Venus

Of course, in order to survive, businesses and corporations (represented by Mercury Rx) are reviewing their commercial practice and will not hesitate targeting the rich with high scale products at unaffordable prices for the common folk. Performing arts, music events, art festivals, art galleries and all other artistic expressions may now be reserved just for those with big pockets.

People in relationships will be overburden due to money issues. Not only that, but couple’s feelings intensify and may generate possessiveness, jealousy and even a high level of abuse that could translate in ‘brutal love‘ and increase the rate of femicides. This influence will affect the ways people relate romantically and socially. Relationships will experience deep transformations for good or no so good, resulting in breakups or breakthroughs. 

Regarding esthetics, creativity, beauty and creative expression, for example, women may take the fashion of the ‘femme fatale’, wearing intense darker makeup colors and black clothing. Plastic surgery may come back in fashion as well. 

Peace is more difficult to attain, and countries in conflict will have strong power struggles before and if they come to an accord and bury their arms.  

In conclusion, 2023 is a year of challenges and the urge to change the ways people deal with the material reality. Definitely, it’s not a year for the faint of heart. Courage and endurance will be our good advisors.  


1- Frances Sakoian & Louis S. Acker, Predictive Astrology, pg 66.

2- Demetra George, Asteroid Goddesses, page 76

3- Martin Lass, Chiron, Healing Body & Soul.

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