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The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are The Luckiest In Love On January 1, 2023

​Happy New Year to all! It’s the first of the year. We’re either stoked for positivity or dead asleep and working off the last bits of the previous night’s celebrations.

One thing is for sure: today will be a great day. We may approach this day as “it’s just another day!” Or, we may step out of our way to absorb all the goodness that comes with today’s new transit, Sun trine Moon. For the first day of the year, to be blessed with the Sun trine Moon is a sign, folks.

Day one bringing luck in love? Sign me up!

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What makes this day lucky in love is our perception; today, we see the good in our partners, family members, and friends. We wake to a new year and feel this is it: we have a choice right now.

Should we do what we’ve always known would work for us, as in ‘be kind to everyone around us’? Yes, we should choose kindness, or we should at least TRY. So, rather than demand in screeching tones that our partner does this, that, and the other thing for us on this first day of the year, let’s reverse roles and do something sweet for them, unsolicited.

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Today gives couples a chance to think. Will we make resolutions to work on our relationship so that it may last in bliss? Will we believe in our resolutions and put in the effort to make our dreams come true?

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