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The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are The Luckiest In Love Starting January 2023

What a nice thought, the idea of being lucky in love right at the top of the new year. And it’s more than a thought; it’s a reality for some.

We are looking at the beginning of a beautiful new year filled with love and acceptance. We are excited and ready for what may come, and for those who are stoked for happy love lives, bring it on, baby! We are ready. No slackers here; we want only the good stuff.

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Bingo, we automatically win during the first week, with Venus in Aquarius, making us feel optimistic about our personal love stories, brave, and even a little nervous.

We are ready to take chances for love and put our hearts on the line for the one we adore. Moon trine Venus comes in shortly afterward to bolster our belief in the person we love; this means that we feel that all efforts made on behalf of this person are worthwhile. Knowing something is worth the time spent is inspiring. Who doesn’t love a little payoff?

Venus sextile Jupiter blasts the door off the hinges for those reluctant about showing our love.

Sun trine Uranus lets us feel good about our fantasies; it’s not all ‘business as usual’ here in January, where lovers are concerned.

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This is the month when many of us break free of our constraints, knowing that this kind of honesty is exactly what our relationships need. We are fearless and adaptable during January of 2023, and by the time we hit the very last transit of the month — sun trine moon — many of us will be able to say, “I succeeded. My love life is THE BEST!”

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