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Weekend Love Forecast – Special New Year’s Edition

Are you all in for love at the turn of the year? If so, the sky is here for you. Venus conjoins Pluto on New Year’s Eve and opposes Dark Moon Lilith through the entire weekend. You’re not all in? Retro Mercury ruling retro Mars in Gemini shows multiple paths to backtrack and escape. Or you can just put out the lights and lie low.

Venus-Pluto-Lilith can be taken in as parts or whipped together for an overview. Venus and Pluto are in Capricorn, cardinal and earthy. Lilith in Cancer is cardinal and wet. All three initiate, control, and fascinate. There’s a familial closeness in this polarity. The further one pulls away, the tighter and more powerful the reaction. Power plays only create more titillation.

It’s like a finger trap: If you DO want out, go still – play dead. Otherwise, passion is assured.

One on one relations/relationships are CHARGED. If you’re afraid or a bit repulsed, pause. Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto in Capricorn have sign ruler Saturn one sign ahead in Aquarius. You can flip a switch and freeze. Saturn semi-sextiles Neptune all weekend, both direct. Retro Mercury heads back into sextile with Neptune.

When you feel out of control, pause, metaphorically put one foot on the floor and look for the meaning, the higher meaning to what’s happening. Saturn-Neptune is a soft brake. Toss in retro Mercury it also creates a circumstance where reality can be softened into understanding if you squint JUST RIGHT. Saturn-Neptune opens a window to a shift in reality; just a crack, but it’s there. Mercury-Neptune can show you what you could not otherwise sense, but is it real? Retro Mercury shows another side.

Is someone out of the picture but now coming around? Coming around in a good way, or? Here’s a good measuring stick for that: Are they breaking any of your stated boundaries, past or present, to do so? Consider that, regardless of whether you’re happy to see them or not.

What happened that caused a pause or separation in the past? Has any of that changed. Squint… has it really? Or do you just want to think so?

Are you obsessed? Are they? Is who they are to you wrapped up in your own mind’s makings? Do you trust yourself to tell the truth about that? If any of those make you twitch, I suggest you run it by someone you consider solid, to have good sense, someone flexible enough that you know they’ll really listen to what you’re asking.

This weekend can bring conditions that make you think and feel you’re about to get a second chance at love. Is it real love or zombie love? That may not be obvious, depending on how real you can be with yourself.

In a world of “hear hoofbeats, think horses not zebras”, sometimes it’s zebras. That is to say, sometimes it’s heroes not zombies. But that is decidedly rare. Still. Could be. Passion is easy to get caught up in, and there’s plenty of that this weekend.

In established relationships where things are chugging along, this weekend brings soft pleasurable drama and big guns potential for a rekindling of sexual firepower.

Friday night, the Aries Moon sextiles Saturn and squares Mercury-Venus-Pluto. This is the “FOOLS RUSH IN” phase of the zombie apocalypse weekend. I guess “be safe” is my best advice?

On Saturday, the Moon in Venus-ruled Taurus heads into trine with the Sun, and Venus conjoins Pluto as we ring in the new year. I’d say this is peak new year’s kiss territory, dramatic, powerful, and a burst of earth-shaking pleasure.

Sunday morning, the Taurus Moon perfects its trine to the Cap Sun then spends the rest of the day heading into conjunction with the north node and Uranus. From such a great launching point, a solid foundation, we can feel as safe as is possible in reaching for the unknown to better our situation, to improve and get what we need in the bargain. It’s revolutionary to reach for what you need to take care of yourself. Remember, YOU MATTER.

By evening, the Moon heads toward trine with retro Mercury, sextile to Neptune, and square to Saturn. When you’re reaching, is it based on rearranged perspective? That gut instinct should be listened to. Real or not real? Boundaries have their place in any fantasy you wish to make real.

What are you doing New Year’s Eve?

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