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Weekly Astro: January 1st – 7th, 2023

Insight into the First Week of the New Year

New Year’s Day starts out with the moon in its sign of exaltation, Taurus, while at a cosmic trine to Mercury who sits retrograde in the responsible and self-controlled sign of Capricorn. The moon however is not the only one in graceful Taurus… Uranus (who’s been here since 2018) also gets a little bit of action as the moon conjoins with the planet of eccentricity and later in the week forms a trine to retrograde Mercury in Capricorn. 

Are you feeling a little lost? No worries…

The moon in astrology rules our emotional state and Mercury rules the intellect. Think of it as heart and brain. Uranus causes disruption and innovative change whenever it’s activated by the planets closer to Earth (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) and brings a global change when activated by the distant planets (Jupiter and Saturn) while causing a generational breakthrough when transiting with Neptune or Pluto. 

So, what does this all mean then?

It means that the first week of the New Year will be packed with a heavy cosmic shift and pushing us towards dramatic change that aligns closer to our values and resonates more deeply with us. That doesn’t mean change drastically though! Mercury (the planet of our thoughts and communication) is in retrograde and retrogrades symbolize a period of deep introspection and pushes us to review our past goals, accomplishments, or aspirations. 

The first few days into the New Year’s can have us filled with inspiration and dedication and with Jupiter fresh into Aries, our hopes and wishes are amplified with a boost of enthusiasm and grace. With the moon moving fast through our cosmic skies, it transits through the constellation of Gemini and meets with retrograde Mars causing quick reactions to emotional tensions. Think before you jump. Review and reflect.

Venus in Aquarius

Beautiful and harmonious Venus also makes her appearance into the innovative and mastermind sign of Aquarius just as the New Year’s kicks off and community or friendships are highly influenced during this transit. 

Though we may feel detached from our personal values, there’s a cosmic awakening that happens across the globe that’s focused on brotherhood, sisterhood, and humanitarian ideas. It’s a time of inspiration and excitement with Venus in Aquarius and sitting at the talented sextile to this planet is the magical and philosophical planet Jupiter in Aries.

The Later Week

As Venus moves in transit, she meets at a trine angle to the more aggressive Mars who is still sitting retrograde in Gemini. There can be a lot of heated, sexual passion happening under this influence but it can also result in outburst of emotions tied to monetary values or relationships. Love and romance can feel more confusing with Mars in retrograde or perhaps you may make the wrong financial choices as well. 

There’s a tendency to indulge and jump forward under a state of passion or fired up emotions that can prove to be detrimental if you’re not careful. On the other hand, you may even find yourself slowing down to review your personal values and use the air energy to rationalize and stand back with an objective approach to what it is you’re pursuing.

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