You are currently viewing Weekly Love Horoscopes For January 2 – 8, 2023

Weekly Love Horoscopes For January 2 – 8, 2023

In the first full week of the new year, you are being encouraged to move past any obligations or restrictions and truly create the love and relationship that fits your own needs.

Venus, the planet of love, changes signs early in the week giving the first month of the new year one that will inspire you to break free from the rules of love that have held you back.

Venus in Aquarius is committed and emotional, however, it also does not care if it ruffles a few feathers by following its own heart.

During this time, you will break away from anything that has felt restrictive and instead is in the place to create whatever kind of relationship truly feels fulfilling for you.

While last week we held themes of healing, this week is all about freedom.

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The Cancer Full Moon occurs this week as well, and though Cancer is the sign of home and family, it is also about making sure that where you are is truly a place that nurtures your own soul.

Cancer must learn to care for itself as much as it does for others, and this week is your chance to see how much you have grown in this area.

By caring for your needs first, you also give yourself permission to do what is in your best interest, even if others may not approve or even understand.

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