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2023 ‘Intuitive & Wise’ I-Ching Clarity Reading For All Zodiac Signs

We have become familiar with astrology’s language and how to interpret the times. It’s good to refer to other divination methods for clarity and to see our life situations in a new and comprehensive way.

Today, we will seek out the Oracle as we turn to the ancient Chinese ‘Book of Changes,’ also known as The I Ching.

When we think of how much information can be mined out of an ancient and holy text, it’s somewhat mind-boggling. The I Ching has such a poetic take on the situations of our lives that it’s favorable for us to pursue knowledge via this path.

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When we ask of the Oracle, the Oracle reveals what we need to know, nothing more, nothing less — however, the poetry needs to be explained to put this knowledge to good use.

The kicker behind the wisdom of the I Ching is inherent in its meaning: ‘ change.’ Everything changes; nothing lasts forever.

When we toss the coins to get the correct ‘hexagram,’ we are tossing coins that may fall this way or that; there is no plan here, and all things, even divine readings, are subject to change with time.

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