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January “Awakening Plus” Events – AstroShaman

Awakening Plus events support your individual healing and awakening, as well as global spiritual awakening.

Not a member yet? Check out one of our free events. Two calls are open to the public each month. Experience how Awakening Plus can accelerate your personal evolution!

Events are listed in chronological order, and are marked “Public” or “Members Only”. Members receive the Zoom info for members-only events by email.

We close the sacred container immediately after each event’s spiritual process. Then we hang out for a while for optional Q&A and feedback. The expected durations below don’t include this post-event hang-out time.

Here are our conscious-accelerating calls in January!

See the end of this post to learn how to join our free public events.

3D Globe With Flower Of Life Symbol


New Earth Support Team (Weekly)

Mondays at 8 pm US Eastern Time (EDT)

There’s a free New Earth Support Team event, open to the public, on the first Monday of each month. All other New Earth Support Team events are members-only.

Learn how to join the free public event on January 2.

In this popular weekly event, we first create our sacred container and invoke embodied awakening. Then we let our divine allies know that we’ve come to serve the great global awakening. They take it from there!

Our spiritual service is routinely rewarded with personal healing, spiritual upgrades and profound bliss!

Expected duration: 60 minutes

Blue Light Mandala

Members Only

Individual and Group Healing

Wednesday, January 4, 8 pm US Eastern Time (EDT)

You’ll support the individual healing of the people on this monthly call . . . and get one of your own, even if you aren’t in the hot seat.

The magic of this process is in the combined healing intentions of everyone who participates. You’re sure to receive “bounceback healing” as you hold space for others!

Expected duration: 90 minutes

Ask Me Anything Image

Members Only

Ask Us Anything*

Thursday, January 5, 8 pm US Eastern Time (EST)

In this lively event, Awakening Plus members can ask whatever’s on their minds. Answers might come from me, or from other members. Questions relating to the core themes of Awakening Plus — healing, awakening and spiritual service — are especially welcome.

* This is our postponed December “Ask Us Anything” event. Our official January “Ask Us Anything” will be on Thursday, January 26, as shown below.

Expected duration: 60-90 minutes

Computer HandshakeMembers Only

Office Hour

Tuesday, January 10, 1-2 pm US Eastern Time (EST)

Have something you want to discuss with me, without it being recorded? I’ll be waiting for you on Zoom. Come and go anytime during this hour.

The time makes it easier for our members in places like Europe and the UK to talk with me, but all members are welcome!

Rainbow Crystal Healing Invocation Variations

Members Only

NEW! Healing Invocation Variations: Guided Practice

Wednesday, January 11, 8 pm US Eastern Time (EDT)

Many Awakening Plus members don’t take full advantage of our Healing Invocation’s three potent variations! These can help you easily, quickly and safely

  • Proactively heal a trauma you know about,
  • Have your higher self pull up the next trauma in line to be healed, even if you don’t know what it is, and,
  • Transform relentlessly chattering thoughts to whisper-quiet stillness.

In this guided group experience, we’ll practice as many of these variations as time allows. Join us to increase your mastery of these super-helpful Healing Invocation variations!

Expected duration: 90 minutes

Astrology SignsMembers Only

Astrology Mini-Readings

Thursday, January 12, 8 pm US Eastern Time (EDT)

I’ll do 10- to 15-minute mini-readings for members, who volunteer to have their charts read as we go. 

I’ve been a professional astrologer for 17 years, and have done about 10,000 readings. My partner Spiritsong is also a professional astrologer, and she’ll join us to add her insights if she can.

Since members will be discussing private personal matters, this event will not be recorded.

Expected duration: 90 minutes

Shamanic Extatic Vision Theme With Phoenic Wings.


Shamanic Awakening Ceremony

Wednesday, January 18, 8 pm US Eastern Time (EST)

This intense experience combines the healing power of shamanism with my complete invocation cycle for embodied awakening.

We begin by invoking safe sacred space, supported by many powerful divine beings of love and light. Then we do a series of invocations to help each person move into embodied awakening.

In embodied awakening, you’ll experience the integration of your light body and physical body. This creates union with your Higher Self: a profoundly peaceful state free of thought and troubling emotions.

I’ve been a professional shamanic healer since 2012. During the healing section — the centerpiece of this event — I ratchet up the energy to high intensity. I typically use voice and rattles to help clear your heavy energies.

You can heal old wounds and traumas during this part of the Shamanic Awakening Ceremony. This experience can be challenging, but our divine allies will make sure you don’t get overwhelmed.

After the healing section, exquisite celestial energy pours in from above, helping you move into your deepest possible awakened state.

Expected duration: 90 minutes

Many Hands Touching RainbowMembers Only

Community Support Call

Thursday, January 19, 8 pm US Eastern Time (EST)

Community can be crucially important on the spiritual path. Awakening Plus members experience the joy of creating and deepening connection with each other online. 

To encourage uninhibited sharing, this call won’t be recorded. I hope you can join us live!

Expected duration: 90 minutes

Unconditional Love Square

Members Only

Unconditional Love Immersion

Wednesday, January 25, 8 pm US Eastern Time (EST)

Unconditional love has many extraordinary qualities. It’s a blended field of blissful awareness, completely beyond ego. And there’s absolute free will, with the clear knowing that everything is perfect exactly as it is.

We’ll invoke the maximum experience of unconditional love that serves highest good and see what unfolds!

Expected duration: 60 minutes

Ask Me Anything ImageMembers Only

Ask Us Anything

Thursday, January 26, 8 pm US Eastern Time (EST)

In this lively event, Awakening Plus members can ask whatever’s on their minds. Answers might come from me, or from other members. Questions relating to the core themes of Awakening Plus — healing, awakening and spiritual service — are especially welcome.

Expected duration: 60-90 minutes

How to Join Our Free Public Events

We use Zoom for our free public calls. The joining info is always the same:

Meeting ID: 828 338 9852
Password: 123456

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We’d love to have you join our supportive online community! Members receive these exclusive benefits:

  • 9 of our 11 monthly Zoom calls are members-only
  • Archive of 500+ life-transforming events, with “Best of” Guide
  • “Instant Divine Assistance: Fast and Easy Awakening and Healing” course
  • “Self-Guided Internal Family Systems Therapy” course
  • “Your Divine Allies: Let Them Help You More!” course
  • Monthly “Astrology Mini-Readings” calls
  • Monthly “Community Support” calls
  • Monthly “Ask Us Anything” calls
  • Monthly “Office Hour” calls
  • “Members Helping Members” service
  • Accountability partner
  • Forum
  • Constant support from the Awakening Plus group energy field

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