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The 4 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Improve In January 2023

As the year begins with a new energetic wave, you may realize that the relationship with yourself first needs to improve.

For many, it seems that the romantic relationships that will improve will begin new connections with others.

It was not that even your past relationship was awful, but that you have done so much karmic clearing within yourself that growing and a subsequent up-level was inevitable.

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For those able to find this deepening commitment and a new phase of love with an existing partner, it is because you have grown together rather than apart.

This is ultimately the secret to improving relationships; you must take care of the one yourself first.

As you cultivate a better relationship with yourself, you seek different qualities within a partner and romantic connection.

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Sometimes, it provides a new challenge met with greater intimacy in an existing relationship. In others, it means you had to grow out of your old relationship to know this new type of connection existed.

Mercury retrograde at the start of the month will help you understand your beliefs and plans for the future more deeply, while Mars and Uranus turning direct lets you finally take action in your romantic life.

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