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Best Days for Romance & Falling in Love 2023

​Have you ever read your daily or weekly love horoscope and known it was meant just for you? Or maybe you used it to your advantage, planning ahead for the rest of your day or making that romantic date all the more worthwhile?

It can be a valuable asset in your spiritual toolkit to see how the stars are aligning for you personally! In a general sense, however, there is always a way to see what we should be looking out for as a whole on our astrological calendar.

So, in addition to your daily horoscope, you’ll probably want to mark down the following months and dates on your 2023 calendar if you’re looking for love or want to plan ahead for special romantic days of connection!

The Best Days for Romance in 2023

Keep in mind that even if you miss a date or two, astrology is a tool for understanding, not an ultimate authority on when you should or shouldn’t make certain kinds of decisions (although it can certainly help!).

That said, here are the times you’ll want to look out for in the year ahead!

1. Sparks Fly in the New Year: Venus & Pluto Conjunct

While this isn’t necessarily the most romantic nor glamorous transit, it is a good time for passion and ignition.

What transit, exactly? Before any of the major drama of 2023 even ensues, we’ll be seeing Venus conjunct Pluto in the grounded sign of Capricorn exactly on January 1st, 2023.

Mars, planet of war and passion, is still moving and grooving around unreliably at this time, coming hot from a retrograde that had been shaking up our drive and ability to communicate properly.

So, this is a time for dramatic confessions, messy romances, and unpredictable flings, where opportunity is ripe, but the quality of these opportunities is yet to be unveiled. Stay vigilant, and have fun!

Zodiac Signs Most Affected

1. Capricorn

The wise goat is not usually known for its raging impulses. This time where Pluto, a transformative planet, links up with sensual Venus, can be a good one for you to loosen up and experience a bit of heat and passion.

2. Gemini

Gemini, you’ve already been in the hot seat for a while thanks to Mars retrograde hitting up your sign for the past few months, and this particular transit is kind of like a litmus test for you to test the waters on your communication, passion, and ways of connecting with others.

3. Cancer

In a time where Capricorn energy is highlighted, its sister sign (or opposite sign), Cancer may struggle with the heat that is ignited from this transit. The same advice goes for you: loosen up and have a little fun, but don’t lose yourself in the moment here.

2. Venus Goes Retrograde

Venus, the planet of love and beauty, is undoubtedly a planet to look at when we’re talking about love and romance. And we’ve been spoiled with the sweet direct motions of this planet for basically the entirety of 2022.

In 2023, we’ll see this bold and beautiful planet of love go retrograde again on July 22nd in equally bold and beautiful Leo. This period of self-reflection and an intense need for self-love will only come to a halt on September 3, 2023, giving us a few months to reckon with this transit.

While this isn’t gloom and doom for all relationships and romance, it does ask us to slow down and think about our commitments before doing or saying anything rash.

Special date to look out for: Amidst this retrograde, August 1st will see a Full Moon in Aquarius. Using this humanitarian and idealistic energy to release negative ideas or thought patterns that have been holding you back in love may help you make more progress during this tricky time for romance.

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Zodiac Signs Most Affected

1. Leo

Unsurprisingly, Leo may be most shaken by this retrograde’s effects.

Your need for self-expression and finding an outlet at this time is at an all-time high. When it seems difficult to receive love and acceptance from the opportunities and people around you during this time, you’ll shine the most when you learn how to give it to yourself.

2. Taurus

Taurus placements tend to struggle with Venus retrogrades as this planet is essentially their home turf.

Watch out for moments of instability and feeling like your emotions are taking hold of you. Love, romance, and flings won’t necessarily fill the void either; it’s time to go within and cultivate something beautiful out of what may be a hard time.

3. Libra

Like Taurus placements, Libras are also ruled by the bountiful planet, Venus.

This is when your usual charms and charisma are slightly stunted by the slower and more disjointed pace of communication and connection-building. However, it doesn’t mean you have to twiddle your thumbs.

Now can also be a time for self-care, reflection, and tuning in with the relationship that matters most — the one with yourself, Libra!

3. Pluto Enters Aquarius

Compromise is needed when this transit pops up. We have seen the radical planet of transformation, Pluto, within committed and practical Capricorn for a while now.

On March 23, 2023, Pluto will instead be entering Aquarius, a sign of freedom and independent thinking. This is the sign of the alienated rebel, the one who seeks change (and not necessarily commitment).

As such, for the first time in many years, this means Venus in Leo retrograde will be directly opposing Pluto in Aquarius. Changes and new ways of thinking and living may shake up existing relationships and commitments, indicating a need for clear communication, compromise, and adaptability from everyone involved.

Special date to look out for: Right before the challenging Pluto-Venus opposition on June 5th, we’ll see Venus make a sweet trine aspect with dreamy Neptune on June 2nd. Take this as an opportunity to connect with your true emotions, heart, and psyche, tuning into your true identity in who you are as a lover.

Zodiac Signs Most Affected

1. Aquarius

Aquarius, this period of time highlights some of your most personal traits and aspirations and also can challenge or call into question your desires and dreams (especially when it comes to how you relate to others romantically as well).

If you use this time to be honest and vulnerable (with yourself and those around you), you might surprise yourself with how relatable and loveable your eccentricities really are.

2. Leo

These oppositions will challenge Leo, too, as your sense of love, commitment, and identity are transforming in a time where opposing traits and ideas are highlighted just as much. Like Aquarius, it’s key to remain honest with yourself and others to ensure smooth-sailing communication.

3. Taurus

It’s not just trickiness with the Venus placements for Taurus. Squaring Aquarius just as well, Taurus also finds challenges (and also points of illumination and growth!) within times like these.

4. The Autumn Calm: September & October

2023 is a particularly dramatic time for romance and love on the whole, but we see things starting to slow down (somewhat) in September when Leo retrograde comes to an end.

After Venus goes direct on September 3rd, Mercury — planet of communication — will also be coming out of its retrograde on September 15th, nestled in its communicative home turf of Virgo.

Then in October, charming and balancing Libra season will have already taken hold. Mercury will enter Libra itself on October 4th, making this more of a time for reconnecting and peacemaking than we’ll have seen for a while after some rocky tides.

Special date to look out for: Venus makes a comfortable trine with Jupiter on October 22nd, 2023, where our luck with love and romance gets particularly heightened.

Zodiac Signs Most Affected

1. Leo

Leo has been taking the heat from Leo retrograde for a hot minute, but when the planet goes direct, it’s your time to reap the rewards. Any lessons you’ve learned from this period of time will be helpful for making the advances you’ve wanted to make now.

2. Libra

Libra season is your season, after all! It’s also a time when charm and charisma take center stage to smooth over any rough edges that may have developed from the past few months, which is definitely your territory.

3. Virgo

Communication and clear self-expression is the mood of the moment in these times, and quality conversation is what will help you get ahead here. This is exactly up Virgo’s alley, especially as your sign is highlighted with Mercury’s movements.

5. End of the Year Intensity: December

While intensity seems to have been the theme of the year when it comes to love and communication, regardless, this is actually a different flavor of intensity.

Venus will be in brooding and emotionally-attuned Scorpio starting December 4th, and Mercury retrograde in Capricorn will kick off on December 13th. It’s not unlikely that many of us will be in our feelings — and in our thoughts — just in time for the holidays this year.

This couple of weeks in December is kind of a love letter to much of the events we’ll have experienced up until this point. It’ll have been an emotional year, and this period of time gives us the time we need to contemplate and reflect upon everything, emotionally and logically.

Special date to look out for: Venus will conjunct Jupiter, planet of luck and expansion, on December 9th. It’s true that the heart is where we’ve really been growing and expanding this year, and this transit will help you highlight where that growth really lies.

Zodiac Signs Most Affected

1. Capricorn

Mercury retrograde in Capricorn will have the wise goat in a contemplative mood, and your contemplations absolutely can also be about love and romance just the same. Right now, it’s not unlikely that you’ll want to solidify and really understand your plans and intentions moving forward.

2. Scorpio

While Scorpio hasn’t been the star of the events of this year, Venus entering your sign gives you the opportunity to take in everything you’ve still managed to learn and take in from this year and make it your own. Now the spotlight is on you — what do you plan to do with it?

3. Leo

It’s been a challenging and illuminating year for Leo… and Scorpio creates a square aspect to Leo, which can be challenging too. Now is the time to synthesize many of the lessons, emotions, and passions you’ve accumulated throughout the year and come out even stronger.

Get Ready, Get Set, & Dive Even Deeper

Are you ready to jump into 2023 with an open mind and see what love and romance might have to offer you?

Keep in mind that these astro-forecasts are a great way to keep in touch with the language of the stars and know what may be headed your way, but that ultimately you’re in control of your fate (and your heart).

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