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Luckiest Day Of The Week For All Zodiac Signs, January 2 – 8, 2023

This week, as Venus enters innovative Aquarius and the Full Moon in Cancer shines above, is a reminder to all zodiac signs that only you know what kind of life is meant for you. 

2023 is set to be a vastly different year — which is evident with major planets like Saturn and Pluto changing signs. 

It is a time when many of the pieces of healing have finally clicked into place allowing you to move more easily into the fate that has always been meant for you. 

This is about following the call of your soul. Dare to be different, to make up your own rules, to follow that passion no matter where it may lead. 

This is the energy of Venus in Aquarius which will inspire you to act and move forward to the beat of your own drum this week. 

The Cancer Full Moon will bring to fruition any lingering themes within your own life that have been ongoing since the Cancer New Moon at the end of last June.  

Now that you have had time to learn and reflect, you also have a better idea of what balance truly means and looks like for you. 

There is no more perfect time to strike out, seize the change that is coming and to trust that no matter what, your soul always does know the way.  

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