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Anaretic Pluto 2023 – 2024

Transit (moving) Pluto is gearing up to exit Capricorn, and move into Aquarius soon. Pluto will be back-and-forth between the two signs through 2024 though, and while in Capricorn, will spend the bulk of its time anaretic. What does this mean?

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What is Pluto in astrology?

Pluto is a dwarf planet, and in astrology, is the planet of transformation. It’s passion, power, control, depth, intensity, and dominating. In the natal chart, natal Pluto can show where you have to fight for power and can take control, and where you need to transform in your life.

In transit, transit Pluto brings transformations. Sometimes this is traumatizing, and Pluto destroys everything in its path, forcing us to rise from the ashes. This normally happens with transit Pluto conjunct, square, or opposite a natal planet, especially the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, or Ceres.

If you go with the transformations, this can be a positive thing, and you can gain more power and control than you’ve ever had before.

What is the anaretic degree in astrology?

There are 30 degrees in every Zodiac sign, 360 degrees total (30 x 12). 29 degrees is the last degree of each Zodiac sign, and is called the anaretic degree as it has very high energy.

In the natal chart, the bodies at the anaretic degree have super heightened energy, and this is usually overwhelming and scary so we avoid it (though some go in the opposite direction and play it up too much, to their detriment). 

In transit, the anaretic degree is crisis energy. It’s an *almost always* situation of triggering something really big and important with slow planets like Pluto.

Anaretic Pluto in Capricorn Dates:

  • February 11th – March 23rd 2023
  • June 11th – July 27th 2023
  • December 19th 2023 – January 20th 2024
  • September 1st – November 19th 2024

Anaretic Pluto in Capricorn Impact:

Pluto is the destroyer at the anaretic degree, so that is likely going to happen to what’s ruled by Capricorn. Governments, corporations, countries, and institutions get direct focus, and we’ll likely see some massive changes in all of these areas. 

Some will collapse, scandals may come out, change may be forced, and it can seem like it comes out of nowhere, when really, it’s been building up for a long time and we just haven’t seen it until it blows.

Some people in high places will likely come crashing down to Earth, and this can be a good thing in the long run, though it may not seem like it at the time, and it may create some chaos when it happens.

We have to avoid giving in to the intensity of Pluto though, and try to get some control over it. It can be easy to let passions run wild, and we end up doing things we regret and can’t undo. Self-control is very important here.

It’s difficult for entire countries and corporations to transform willingly (hence so much punishment awaits them), however as individuals, we can make the choice to transform of our own volition. This will be very important while Pluto is anaretic in Capricorn, and can help smooth challenges so we’re not experiencing the chaos that may seem to plague everywhere else.

This will be especially important for anyone who has a natal planet, angle, or other body at the anaretic degree. It doesn’t matter the Zodiac sign; I find with the anaretic degree, the aspect doesn’t matter, just being at that degree, it’ll be lit up. If that’s you, give focus on transforming with whatever the point rules.

For everyone, look to the house in your natal chart 29 degrees Capricorn falls. The areas of life ruled by that house can be where transformation is focused. Work to transform from the roots, and make use of passion to make progress with it.

As you transform, keep in mind what’s right, ethical, responsible, and smart. Capricorn is naturally ruled by Saturn, so if you’re cutting corners, not doing homework, being impulsive, or being inconsiderate, this can blow up in your face in a big way. If things blow up, this is likely why! So change what you’re doing.

We’ve been in a strong period for a massive widespread shift in the world that started in 2020 with the Capricorn stellium. It’s continued in 2021 and 2022, and kicks up in 2023 thanks to Pluto. So, get ready!

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