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How To Plan Your Day Using Planetary Hours Astrology

Planetary hours in astrology assigns one of seven planets and luminaries to several hours throughout the day when the benefits of each planet are at their maximum potential.

Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars are the power players here, representing the order of each hour respectively.

The pattern and hours vary based on the day of the week, so each day will initiate a different planetary hour. The order of planets does not change, but the one that kicks off each day does.

You can use a planetary hour calculator to see upcoming planetary hours which you can use to plan your days accordingly.

How to use planetary hours

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Only the seven traditional astrological planets and luminaries listed above are used for this system (sorry, Pluto and Neptune).

Planetary hours can help you make some decisions in your day-to-day life, such as the best time to send an email or text for your desired results or when to plan an interview.

However, we shouldn’t live strictly through planetary hours since it would not be feasible or productive to halt an appointment or other major events simply because it does not align with the hour considered favorable.

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