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Stellar Insights: January 2 – 8, 2023

Happy 2023! I hope that even though we’re just two days into the new year that you feel a sense of fresh start and new possibility.

This new year feels like it will offer us the potential for sea changes, notably given that we’ve got three planets—Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter, plus the Lunar Nodes—shifting signs. If you’d like an overview of what the year may bring, see below for information on upcoming Astrosalons—one in Seattle and the other online—that I will be doing with my So Divine! podcast partner, Megan Skinner. (Speaking of So Divine!, the January episode dropped this weekend: you can find it here or wherever you stream your podcasts).

This week feels like it is bound to bring illumination on numerous fronts.

First, I’ve got my eye on today (Monday) as love planet Venus enters Aquarius. As it moves into this intellectually oriented air sign, it opens a several week period in which we may find ourselves more magnetized to social causes, altruistic pursuits, logistics, space, and networks and networking. I’m also really interested in its shift into Aquarius—and the one the Sun does on January 20 and Mercury does on February 11—as it seems like it may offer us some “tea leaves” into trends and themes of what Pluto’s upcoming movement into this sign may bring. (This year Pluto will be in Aquarius from March 23 to June 11; it will more firmly plant itself there in 2024.)

Illumination also comes by way of Friday’s Full Moon. Featuring the Sun in responsible Capricorn and the Moon in emotional Cancer, during this lunation, we often gain insights into the ways we contribute to both the world at large and the people to whom we are closest. We may also be better able to understand the role with which we are mainly identified (both by ourselves and others). We can also gain a greater sense of how we feel about the legacy we are creating and whether it truly aligns with our deepest needs, whether it feeds the core of who we are.

Inspired by the Full Moon, this week we may feel extra sensitive and experience a heightened need to feel safe, secure, and taken care of. At the same time, we may perceive that this conflicts with a desire to be a bedrock of strength for others. As such, it’s important to remember to own and express our feelings and that stating our needs is not a reflection of weakness but of internal strength.

This Full Moon ties into both Uranus and Mercury. Given the former’s connection, it seems that having an open mind and the latitude to creatively pivot may yield rewards. And given its alignment with Mercury, which is still retrograde, it seems like turning to the past may offer us the ability to both treasure tradition as well as help us clarify the present so as to better understand how to carve a path forward. (If you’d to further explore what this Full Moon offers, including embodying its wisdom through meditation practices, join mindfulness guide Ashley Dahl and I for our Illumination class this Thursday).

Speaking of retrograde planets, remember that Mars is also still in its move-backwards phase (it goes direct on January 12). As such, it’s still really important to be thoughtful about the style and pace in which you move. And that taking a stance different than usual may be key to understanding the new way you will want to eventually take a stand for your life and for the lives of those that you cherish.

Have a stellar week!

PS. Instead of a New Year’s resolution, I decided to choose a word to guide me during 2023. I posted it on Instagram while also asking others what their word for the year was. It’s become a really lovely sharing space. If you’re on Instagram, check it out here, and share your guiding word if you feel inspired. (Mine was LUSH, the reasons for which I share in my post.)

Astrological Highlights

  • January 2: Venus enters Aquarius

  • January 4: Venus/Jupiter Sextile

  • January 5: Sun/Uranus Trine

  • January 6: Cancer Full Moon

  • January 7: Sun/Mercury Conjunction

  • January 8: Mercury/Uranus Trine

All days reflect Eastern Standard Time (- 5 hours GMT)

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