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The Sun, the Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn, and Neptune, so goes our day. That’s a lot of planetary energy. Gemini Moon urges us to talk, meet, write, focus on sales, short trips, siblings, neighbors, vehicles, electronics, or be inquisitive, flirtatious, or diplomatic today. We’re going to need to be flexible as is needed with some of this stuff (Sun & Mercury). It’s looking solid and in flow when it comes to social, aspirational or online pursuits (Saturn). Love, income, beauty, or pleasure (Venus) also in flow. At some point we must confront fogginess, weirdness, rain, boundary issues, hidden or secretive matters, institutions, or our muse, romantic interest or the spiritual (Neptune)-don’t get lost in this one, see it for what it is and turn to the energy that is helpful. Being generous and optimistic (Jupiter) connects us to opportunities for (Venus) love, income, beauty, or pleasure and our aspirations, doors open. PRAYER TODAY is ‘May the rain wash it clean.’ Peak time is 7:05-7:10pm Eastern/4:05-4:10pm Pacific. To book a reading email and ask about how to set it up and what the rates and available dates are, no better way to start the New Year!

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