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US Astrology 2023 • Jessica Adams: Psychic Astrologer

US Astrology Predictions 2023

Before we look at the future of the USA in 2023 let’s go back to proven, date-stamped predictions. This US astrology forecast comes from 5th December 2017. I like it, because it is date-stamped to May 12th and 13th 2021, so four years into the future. The prediction, you can see below. The full original text is still on this website, claiming “a financial revolution centred on the worldwide web which puts America back up where she belongs.”

Seeing a Digital Currency Revolution Four Years Ahead

This turned out to be the making of the world’s richest man, America’s Elon Musk, and the start of future steep profits for anyone purchasing, or hanging onto, digital currency. What happened on May 12th 2021? Cryptocurrencies melted down. Why? Elon Musk stopped accepting Bitcoin for Tesla payments.

Bargains galore were available on May 12th, 13th – a high watermark for digital currency. It was a real ‘Declaration of Independence’ for cryptocurrency owners and Elon Musk used the web for the revolution. Americans like Musk who snapped up bargains more than doubled their money later. Bitcoin went to $30,000 by 19th May. On 20th October that year, it hit an all-time high above $66,000. Below is the original prediction.

NY TIMES CRYPTO - US Astrology 2023

The Trump Loss – Proven Prediction

In this feature I will look at the final, detailed end of Donald Trump. Let’s start with a prediction from October 2020, though, one month before the US election, where I told The Daily Mail why the Republicans were set to lose.

The Midterms Blue Wave – Proven Prediction

I sometimes use Substack to make news predictions and I did so, before a Midterms Blue Wave.  This was published way back in May 2022. What I like about this forecast is that Donald Trump himself validated it on 4th  January 2022, quoted in The Guardian. This is the original astrology prediction, below:

BLUE WAVE - US Astrology 2023

TRUMP BLUE WAVE - US Astrology 2023

luke michael Tdwu35bCUj0 unsplash scaled - US Astrology 2023

(Flag Image: Luke Michael)

This US Astrology Chart Shows the Future

There are multiple astrology charts for the USA but only one shows the future accurately enough for me. I devoted a chapter to this US astrology chart in my book 2020 Astrology.

In fact, this chart shows the January 6th 2021 mob of Trump supporters attacking the United States Capitol on January 6th 2021, after Donald repeatedly said he would never concede the election to President Joe Biden, Vice-President Kamala Harris and the Democrats. As you can see below in this AstroGold astrology chart for the US – on the day of the attacks,  transiting Pluto at 24 Capricorn was in conjunction with natal Fortuna at 24 Capricorn.

How January 6th Shows in the US Chart

Transiting Saturn at 2 Aquarius was in conjunction with natal Mars at 2 Aquarius. Transiting Mercury at 25 Capricorn was in conjunction with Pluto at 25 Capricorn. The transiting Sun at 16 Capricorn was in conjunction with Ceres at 16 Capricorn.

This chart also shows us exactly what is going to happen to America in 2023. It is about the biggest transfer of power from an elite group of white men at the top, to a mixed-gender and race group of people – seen for over two centuries. Black Lives Matter, Kamala Harris and A.O.C. were the warm-up act.


America - US Astrology 2023


The Astrology of the United States in 2023 is Aquarian

This chart, set for the first time ‘the United States of America’ was used in official correspondence (no time, so we use 12 noon) shows us an extremely ambitious nation determined to get the top of the world order and stay there. It is also devoted to shared equality. On 2nd January 1776 when the key word United entered the official language, America had her brand.

The New Female Leadership

*Power goes to the Democrats and to independent candidates outside the two-party system from March 2023. It doesn’t matter if your name is Ron or Don, if you represent Capricorn (elite, white males) you are going, going gone in America.
*A female leader emerges, or re-emerges, who is a cross between Boudicca, Lady Godiva and Queen Elizabeth I. This may be Hillary Clinton in a comeback. It may be Kamala Harris or A.O.C. timing their moves.

Donald Trump is Going, Going, Gone

*Donald Trump is going, going, gone from power, politics and the world stage – only he can decide when and how to sign off. It’s hard to say more as he has given officials two completely different birth dates, but the U.S. chart shows an exit.
*When Uranus goes to 17 Taurus and is in a conjunction with Psyche and Ops at 17 Taurus from April 6th to 23rd there will be sharemarket instability, electrical storms across America and yet more shocks to the stocks.

Watching 2026 and the USA in Astrology

Some of my general predictions about America have been made in other features. She’ll restructure the ‘United’ part of the United States from 2026 and some states will separate. A radical new relationship with her neighbour Canada will appear from 2026. Domestic flights, public transport and vehicles will radically change from 2026 too…but that’s another story.

We can talk more about the USA chart in Comments and on Twitter @jessicadams. Happy New Year 2023.

Main Image: Tim Mossholder, Unsplash.


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