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The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On January 5, 2023

While nothing is really ‘out to get us’ on this day, we may feel a little rough around the edges, or possibly a bit hyper-sensitive as the Moon is in Cancer, and that usually means that some of us will feel it as an emotional overhaul; one that we did not request.

As it goes with Cancer transits, it’s best to be at home during them, and while that may not always be possible, let’s just put it this way: you’ll WANT to be at home on this day. Many of us will crave the creature comforts of that which is familiar, and home may be the only place where we find solace.

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Certain signs here will either have the feeling of desperately wanting to be alone or simply wanting to crawl under the covers to be alone with one’s thoughts.

Maybe what we’re feeling is the lag that happens during the first week of the year. 

We build it up so much that when we don’t win the lottery, fall in love, or cut that million-dollar deal, we sink into despair of “I knew it!” We can’t do that to ourselves; we can’t immediately forfeit our positive energy. It’s only the first week — get a grip!

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Because the Moon has just entered Cancer, we may feel a little paranoid, and the worst part is that we know it’s paranoia and not ‘real life.’ It’s as if we cling to something we can blame, just so we can feel justified about being a big ol’ crybaby today.

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