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Your forecast Jan. 6th…

A warm hello and welcome to your first weekly forecast for 2023!

We’re starting with a Full Moon in Cancer!
An issue, situation or undertaking you have a special personal investment in will come to the fore and emotions will run high.

The Sun and Mercury in conjunction in Capricorn will set the scene for meaningful discussions and exchanges; you may learn something very important.

When the Moon reaches Virgo later next week, it will form a beautiful grand trine through the Earth Signs and bring a special achievement, rewarding result or very helpful developments.

   The Full Moon falls in your home sector – a family commitment or domestic project will ask a lot of you but you’ll throw yourself into it because you care.   Positive exchanges with a knowledgeable colleague will steer you with an ambitious career undertaking.   A fortuitous turn of events on the job will be an opportunity to prove your salt, raise your profile or develop a valuable contact.
TAURUS.   The Full Moon here points to a timely discussion that will answer an important personal question; there may be follow up action you need to take.   A long-distance exchange will help you organise a special get-together, support a loved one too far away or make exciting travel plans.   A fun outing shared with someone dear will achieve a meaningful personal goal.
GEMINI.   The Full Moon here indicates a special purchase or gift that will be particularly meaningful, a turning point with a financial issue that’s been on your mind will be a joy.   Financial advice will guide you with a big decision, you may also receive direction with a contract, super, tax or insurance matters.   A domestic acquisition or repair will make home an even nicer place to be.
CANCER.   The Full Moon in your Zodiac Sign will put the spotlight on a situation or issue where it’s up to you to lead the way; your approach will also influence the direction of a changing relationship.   A very practical discussion with someone close will guide you with a problem or plan you’ve working on together.   A heart-to-heart with someone you really care about will be emotionally reconnecting; it will be an opportunity to build or repair communication lines.
LEO.   Here’s the Full Moon in Cancer – a drawn out task or lingering issue with another will require positive action; it will be time to tackle a matter or job you’ve been avoiding.   A clarifying discussion with a colleague will explain what is expected of you or what is required with a challenging endeavour, a health discussion will be educational.   A financial boost or good deal will put a smile on your face.
VIRGO.   The Full Moon here indicates a get-together or occasion with special personal significance; it will put you on an emotional high!   A timely discussion with someone who shares a common interest will bring some valuable tips, a thoughtful exchange with a younger relative will hold an insightful message.   And, the way opening to do something that’s really important to you will be exciting and providential!
LIBRA.    The Full Moon falls here – you’ll need to rise to the occasion for a pressing deadline or demanding conditions in the coming days; there may be a few tensions to dissolve with another as you go as well.   A family discussion will set up special plans with loved ones or help you make big decisions with a domestic project.   A reunion will set up a new chapter with a relative or old friend.
SCORPIO.   The Full Moon here indicates success with a plan that’s been hard to get off the ground or success with a major undertaking that’s been a huge task!   Rewarding exchanges with a distant relative or friend or a friend or relative returning from afar will explain so much to you; you’ll understand them or their situation so much better   A get-together with someone you can’t wait to see will be a tender joy for the heart; Singles, this may be laced with romantic possibilities.
SAGITTARIUS.   The Full Moon falling here points to special large outlays or hefty financial commitments; you may have an emotional investment in these but keeping a clear practical overview will help you handle them well.   A financial discussion will be most informative; it will explain the details of a complicated issue, deal or purchase.   A special achievement on the job, personally or financially will be a celebration!
CAPRICORN.   The Full Moon falls here in the relationship zone: a family issue, or commitment with someone dear, will take a special personal effort; emotionally it may touch a sensitive nerve or two as well.   Informative conversations with an inspiring new person in your life will teach you more about a fascinating or important matter.   A change of scene or unusual encounter will be a breath of fresh air; it’ll open your eyes to ideas and possibilities you haven’t seen before.
AQUARIUS.   Here is the Full Moon in Cancer – a big task will require a concerted effort and/or an uncertain job situation will clarify.   An overdue get-together will be an opportunity for a conversation you’ve been longing to have; there’ll be discoveries and new understandings.   Fortuitous financial developments will bring an influx of funds and the answer to a pressing question.
PISCES.   The Full Moon falling here promises a joyful get-together or occasion that’s also very meaningful and emotional for you!   During expansive discussions with a friend or new contact, they’ll share their ideas and experiences with you and offer advice you can benefit from.   A kindness from another will make a thoughtful statement; it will also be a big help.

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