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Divine Intervention: Help Is Here

DIVINE INTERVENTION: “Help is here and available for the asking.”


It’s the first full moon of the new year, and it’s a Cancer Full Moon so let’s hear it for all the feels. For Cancer, truly caring for ourselves equals honestly meeting our NEEDS – for care, emotional support, nourishment. This lunation is also square Chiron, which can feel prickly, tender and vulnerable for some.

I’m calling this one my “crisis of care” lunation- because at 16 Cancer-Capricorn, it is exactly square my ASC-DSC axis as well as my Aries Moon. This morning, my feelings related to needing emotional care and support around community, relationships, and health providers really hit the fan -so to speak.

And, because I have been turning to my NEW Intuitive Energy Divination Deck for its gorgeous and strong assistance, I got major traction from working with this card (this one, and the BE MORE SELFISH card :-)).

Yes, today, I was reminded, emotionally and loudly, that our prayers and desires can ONLY be answered through a) our specificity, and b) our courageous voicing and claiming of them.

If they are a barely articulated wish…or covered over with emotional flotsam and jetsom… that’s like shouting our strong co-creative voice, to Spirit/our Soul, from the bottom of a deep well.

Not very empowering.

I know this, of course, but I have been in some kind of Chironian no-woman’s land. Things have been muddled by a hard month of physical symptoms. So, I really appreciated these card prompts. They pulled me out of a gray zone of confused longing for relief, and into actionable clarity.

After a big cry, my third house Capricorn North Node came up with a list of needs (when I shared this list with my best friend, as well as the action steps I was planning on taking -some I had already just taken, she congratulated me for “stepping into your executive self CEO Capricorn power.”)

Love her.

…And guess what? That made me cry, too. LOL. …I felt so cared for and emotionally supported by her!

If you are feeling like: no one is hearing your prayers, or having your prayers answered is about as rare as receiving a message in a bottle; or perhaps you have simply forgotten your own Divine Authority –to trust that asking for what you need and want will make it so-…This is a prompt for you.

…What do you need help with?

…What would you love for Spirit/Your Soul to orchestrate for you right now?

Put it in the comments below*. I’ve shared mine. <3


…LET’S CREATE SOME MAGIC FOR US! Tough things can only really change when we decide to articulate what we want, and stand up FOR them in no uncertain terms. That’s when we claim what’s ours.

*NOTE: Be mindful. NO advice-giving, or pitching services (I will delete). If you feel called to help another, you can post your experiences in your own comments and tag the person.


Here’s the text, from the guidebook:

43. Divine Intervention

Help is here and available for the asking.

When we are afraid or hurting, it is easy to think we are alone in this life. In Divine reality, which is the True reality, we are in eternal connection, so intervention from the Spirit world is occurring constantly and is always available to us.

Are you feeling afraid, alone, disconnected from the experiential knowing and total trust in the Divine Plan for you, and for everyone? Are your human troubles and fears understandably distracting you from placing your trust in the perfection of life and Source? Did you temporarily forget that everything is unfolding in perfection and love? Is fear obscuring your connection, making it hard for you to know “what to do”?

The appearance of this card suggests it is time to align with your Divinity, Spirit/God/Goddess, All That Is, and to call on helpers, or the spiritual help you need, like: Grace, Trust, Faith, Peace.

All are available to you for the asking.

Get grounded, rooted, and centered. Sincerely ask to experience and deeply know perfect Faith, Trust, Peace, and Grace in this situation. Call it forth. Then wait.

All emotions are temporary energies, but just like strong weather, intense emotion can distract us from our inner listening and knowing. We can forget our own wisdom and find it difficult to listen inward. However, even amidst the strongest of distracting emotions, if you can locate just a thimble full of trust, one iota of Light, you will energetically be back online and able to access your intuitive guidance.

Decide, right now, that you are back online, that you are Peace, and you will begin to feel the Peace that is yours. Then, your next step will become intuitively obvious, without any hesitation or doubt. Call it prayer, aligning with All That Is, or remembering the I AM, it is time to re-center into this Truth: you are Love. All is perfection. And Spirit has got your back.

Symbol: Message in a bottle on a beach. Sometimes it feels like no one hears us or is listening. That answered prayers are as rare as receiving a message in a bottle. Divine Spirit, no matter how far away you perceive it to be, is right here and now, and your acknowledgement of this allows your concerns, worries, and hopes to be gently carried on the sea of Love directly to your Source Self. Sand symbolizes broken down barriers and obstacles; allow your fears to melt, give them over to Source. You are both message and bottle, the questioner and the answer to your own prayers. Re-center your faith on this: what your Soul most desires is about to happen for you. A solution will arrive soon, perhaps on a beach near you!

Here’s a link to the NEW Rainbow version 2.0 card deck!

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