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The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On January 7, 2023

Lucky number 7 has us up for a bit of a wild ride today, and of course, we are referring to today’s date: January 7, 2023.

Three zodiac signs have rough horoscopes on this day because they are working with a troublesome conjunction in astrology—Sun conjunct Mercury.

There needs to be more actually to do real damage, but enough to set us on a course for poor communication and ego-flared opinion stating. We are looking at none other than Sun conjunct Mercury for the win.

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It’s almost as if the universe wants to keep us humble, as we may dare to get ahead of ourselves; January is so optimistic-bound; we have many resolutions and goals to reach and some of us attempt to reach them all in the first week.

Absurd, yes, but that’s the human spirit; we get ahead of ourselves sometimes. We need to appreciate being stopped mid-step, and that’s ‘kinda-sorta’ what we’re going to experience today.

The more obvious problem here is that we are the ones who are going to stop our progress because we can’t keep our mouths shut.

Sun conjunct Mercury can help us come up with some of the greatest ideas we ever had, but it can also bring out our impulsive side to us, which means we may share our ideas too soon; hence we could come off like amateurs.

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