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Happy Monday everybody! Venus and Mars are jamming, the Leo Moon is in a Finger of God, and Saturn is being Saturn, so let’s take a look. Venus and Mars together want to fan the flames of passion and love or get us fired up and busy about what’s going on with financial matters or motivating us over beauty or pleasures. This is in flow, and hinges on new approaches to old or ongoing situations. It’s time to talk about it and release some things or rekindle or rework things. Freedoms, social interests, online scenarios, or aspirations play a part. Next, the Finger of God or Yod if you like is pushing us to get out of our comfort zone and deal with something that seems fated at the moment. It is about love or a lover, the kids, a creative venture, drama, entitlement issue, recreational pursuit, or perhaps a Leo. Part of how you tackle this has to do with how you are showing up, are involved or your needs are being met when it comes to your own goals, status, career interests, or dealings with authority types today. The other part has to do with institutions, research, recuperative needs, secrets, addictions, artistic pursuits, spiritual interests, or romantic needs in the story. Finally, Saturn being Saturn is asking us to get serious with someone at some point in the day regarding commitments, endings, responsibilities, limits, rules, time, effort, or ambitions. Here you are at your monthly turning point in the situation, as you work on things or decide it’s too much effort. You’ve been at this since March 2020 and only have 2 months left to go before Saturn exits Aquarius for Pisces and the story changes so use these connections with Saturn in Aquarius, like the one today, wisely. The next 2 occur on Feb 6th and March 5th. PRAYER TODAY is ‘May we learn more today about true beauty.’ Peak time is 12:25-12:30pm Eastern/9:25-9:30am Pacific. To book a reading email and ask about how to set it up and what the rates and available dates are, no better way to start the New Year!

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