You are currently viewing weekly astrology forecast- week of 1/9-1/15

weekly astrology forecast- week of 1/9-1/15

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monday january 9th-
at 7:04am venus in aquarius semisquares neptune in pisces- creating tension between the lower heart and Higher Heart in idealistic and perhaps confusing ways. venus/neptune can be dreamy, romantic and creative but these two combined in tense aspect can also be delusional, deceptive, avoidant, escapist, wearing rose colored glasses and spiritual bypassing in Love and money situations. don’t just go up and out- be sure to also go down and in, stay embodied and aware of reality 😉

venus in aquarius trines retrograde mars in gemini at 10:21am, linking the Divine Lovers in beautiful ways! venus is innovative and ahead of her time in aquarius, while mars is open minded and open to change in gemini. venus trine mars bodes well for romance, creativity and receiving inspiration (venus) and then acting on it (mars). yet mars is still retrograde – he stations direct in 3 days. so right now it may be best to receive the inspiration and wait until mars is direct and picking up speed to start moving forward. with both bodies in aries signs what is fertile right now is the mind, thinking, community connection and inspiration. enjoy relationships and social connections that serve to open your mind and open your heart!


tuesday january 10th-
at 2:53pm venus in aquarius squares the mean nodes of the moon (north node in taurus/south node in scorpio)- creating tension between the Goddess of Love and beauty and the nodes of destiny and karma. opportunities to question your path and see if where you are going is expansive and growth producing or karmic and restrictive are present right now. this can relate to friendships, communities you are part of, the collective and more. getting clear on what to let go of and what can evolve with you into the future is key.


wednesday january 11th-
at 3:49am retrograde mercury in capricorn squares chiron in aries- creating tension between the mind and intellect and the Wounded Healer. mercury/chiron brings up old wounds and pain in communication and thinking. it’s super important to THINK before you speak right now. therapy and any kind of inner work/shadow work can be supportive right now as we delve into the wounding that runs us from the subconscious. communications can get intense so be sure to be kind because everyone you meet is fighting a battle. but also be sure to have clear boundaries and stand up for yourself in healthy ways. it’s all about a balance 😉

eris stations direct at 23’55 aries at 12:56pm – bringing the new 10th planet into focus at the start of the year. eris is the goddess of discord and chaos but she is also the goddess of activism and she is a manifestation of the fierce Divine Feminine (aka the Dark Goddess) that comes into clear out where things have gotten stuck, stagnant or toxic. eris stations and then sextiles saturn in aquarius on 1/15- the 3rd and final aspect between these two. saturn helps us harness the bold and powerful energy of eris in masterful ways. eris’ gifts of intuition and seeing through the facade and seeing the shadow are very accessible right now. just watch out for her unskillful qualities of rage, dominance and power/control dynamics- playing out personally as well as collectively. being willing to shine a Light on the shadow so we can see it for what it is- collectively but also personally- is key to awakening, healing and evolution right now!


thursday january 12th-
at 7:03am jupiter parallels saturn- echoing the jupiter/saturn conjunction of december 2020. currently jupiter is in the early degrees of aries and saturn is in the late degrees of aquarius. with the two Teacher Planets aligned by declination we have an energizing alignment of what was seeded at winter solstice 2020. that was a birthing point for the Age of Aquarius which previously was being gestated in the womb of the Great Mother. as we have pluto heading into aquarius in march- we have another chapter in the story of the new Age being written. it’s a great time to tune into what you seeded, intended and set into motion back then (particularly based on your natal chart and where this conjunction fell) and where you are at right now with it. a big activation of those seeds and intentions are incoming with pluto into aquarius!!!! stay tuned as i will have more out on that soon <3

venus in aquarius sextiles chiron in aries at 1:46pm, linking the lower Heart with the Wounded Healer. this is a lovely aspect for healing in relationships and healing around self worth and self Love. venus in aquarius can help us access some healthy detachment and see things from a Greater Perspective. chiron in aries is helping us tone down our ego and deal with things clearly and head on, rather than passively aggressively (or overtly aggressive!). relationships can benefit from this healing balm today- romantic as well as friendship and social connections.

at 3:56pm mars stations direct at 8’07 gemini, bringing the God of War, Will and Drive to a standstill in the sky. mars retrograde is a time to reign in our egos and wills and deal with the past that is unresolved or unclear. mars retrograde in gemini has been a time to reign in our tongue- not react but go back over the past to get all the information so a clear picture can be formed. a signature in this retrograde has been mars’ triple squares to neptune. not all is as it seems and there has been much delusion, deception, illusion and confusion to navigate and see through. with mars at standstill stationing direct today we will start piece all the puzzle pieces we received in the last 4 months together so that the Greater Picture becomes clear. we still have one more mars/neptune square on 3/14 and then mars exits back end shadow 3/15- so bide your time as you figure out the Truth (within and without).

for more info on this retrograde read my blog here-


friday january 13th-
happy friday the 13th! i personally love friday the 13th. western culture has a stigma about it being evil and unlucky, but if you look deep into the roots of both friday and the number 13 you will find some interesting mysteries hidden there. friday is vendredi in french- named after the goddess Venus. yes, friday is venus’ day! 13 is also deeply connected to the Goddess- it is one of her sacred numbers, there are 13 lunar cycles each year, and the progressed moon moves 13 degrees each year with the daily moon moving 13 degrees per day. let’s not forget the maligned 13th constellation/sign ophiuchus which is associated with kundalini, healing and magic (all Dark Goddess areas of expertise) and the debased 13th apostle- Mary Magdalene- and maybe you start to see the funny distorted picture…? we call a day that is most connected to the Goddess evil- just as we have demonized, repressed and controlled the empowered Divine Feminine for millennia. anyone else out there ready to change the tradition??? do something celebrate friday the 13th today!

at 12:34am retrograde uranus in taurus semisquares juno at 29 pisces, creating tension between the Rebel and Revolutionary and the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. juno is about to move into a new sign and just before she does she tensely links with uranus at the solar beltane degree while she is at the omega degree- the final degree in all of the tropical zodiac. uranus is about to station direct at this solar beltane degree- which speaks to the winds of change blowing and major changes to structures, traditions, relationships, commitments and things we thought would endure forever. uranus demands that things be evolutionary- the moment they become stagnant he is pushing for change. more importantly when they have been stagnant for much too long and now are toxic he will not just push for change- he will force it. tuning into what needs to be released/changed/transformed/allowed to die right now is key. particularly in relationships, partnerships and marriages- we are asked to question what is life affirming and what is not. the winds of change are blowing!

you can read my blog i wrote about this shift here-

juno moves out of pisces and into aries at 1:31am- shifting the Goddess of partnership and marriage from a watery, yin, sensitive energy to a fiery, yang, assertive/aggressive energy! when a body moves from 29 pisces to 0 aries it cross the aries point- a powerful placement in the heavens that is connected to world events and outer shifts or activations. relationships in the world are likely going through major sea changes- personal, romantic, professional, public and political! juno in pisces preferred to surrender, give in and play the martyr- while juno in aries is a warrior goddess that does not want to pussy foot around! taking action in relationships is a focus for sure- but we need to watch out for anger, aggression and impulsivity- as juno in aries can be rash and say or do things without thinking. committing to taking conscious action in life is supported right now! choose wisely!

at 9:11am the sun in capricorn sextiles neptune in pisces, aligning the conscious self and ego with the planet of mysticism, spirituality and compassion. sun/neptune is dreamy, romanctic, mystical and loving. taking time to turn within and access the richness of Spirit hidden within ourselves and the material world is key. tapping into intuition, paying attention to dreams, accessing creativity and more are all supported right now! we can have one foot in both worlds now- mundane and sacred, material and spiritual. embody your Light and enlighten your body!

the sun in capricorn sesquiquadrates mars in gemini at 9:40am, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the will, warrior and drive. with mars now direct this is the first aspect he makes after stationing- so we can feel his fire and drive returning for taking action, dealing with things and moving forward. this is a tense aspect so watch out for arguments and combative energy – yet positively we can use his direct motion to start moving forward with things we have been sitting with and going over these last months.


saturday january 14th-
at 2:12am retrograde mercury in capricorn trines the mean north node in taurus/sextiles the south node in scorpio- linking the conscious mind and intellect with the node of destiny! pay attention to communications, information, insights and revelations incoming right now. a guiding Light is showing you your next step on the path. listen deeply- as the message may be coming from within. this is the 2nd of 3 trines mercury makes due to his retrograde journey. think back to 12/14 and connect the dots to what is going on today to see the storyline and what is unfolding.

the sun in capricorn squares a standstill direct eris in aries at 4:13am- creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos! our patriarchal paradigms, toxic traditions and resistance to change are going head to head with the Goddess of Activism. our willingness to see what is old, toxic, stagnant or stuck and deal with it to heal or let it go is key right now. clashes with authority figures and Higher ups is possible. make sure you are on there right side of the fight by staying in integrity and being willing to take a stand for Truth.

at 8:22pm venus in aquarius squares retrograde uranus in taurus- creating tension between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the Rebel, Revolutionary and Great Awakener. venus is in the sign of uranus so there’s an extra potent uranian/aquarian energy present in relationships, finances and values right now. we need space and freedom- sometimes at any cost! venus is noncommittal and revolutionary in aquarius- she values friendship, community and space to roam. add in uranus who is revolutionizing our values and relationship to the material world and we can see a topsy turvy energy is incoming. being open to change- in relationships, in how we deal with money, in what we value and how we love and value ourselves- is key. just watch out for being overly addicted to change and freedom as it can cost you both monetarily as well as in terms of relationships.


sunday january 15th-
at 12:25am saturn in aquarius sextiles a recently stationed direct eris in aries- linking the Lord of Karma and Father of Time with the Goddess of Discord, Chaos and Activism. we have had many intense aspects to eris in the last years- uranus conjucnt eris, pluto square, Saturn square, the south node quincunx. this is a harmonious aspect that is completing (this is the 3rd and final sextile)- helping us harness the power of the Goddess of Discord and Chaos for our mastery and evolution. eris does not create chaos and discord so much as she reveals it. she pulls back the curtain and shows us what was always there that we ignored or denied. saturn with eris is showing us clearly what is going on and then showing us what it means to take accountability for our part in it- personally and collectively. saturn is about mastery and integrity and eris is about revelation of shadow. this is exceptional astrology for shadow work- diving deep to face what is hidden within because until we do it gets acted out without OR it gets projected without and fatally attracted into our lives. as jung said ‘until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate’. opportunities to get underneath things are present right now. with aquarius and aries configured this can be connected to communities, group associations, friendships and other social groups that have common vision and purpose- paritcularly those that take a stand for Truth or fight for those who do not have a voice or capacity to stand up for themselves. think back to may and june of 2022 as the first 2 aspects occurred then. pay attention to what is arising or unfolding in your life- personally and collectively- to get clear on where your path of mastery and maturity is wanting to take you deeper!

retrograde mercury in capricorn semisquares saturn in aquarius at 1:56am- creating tension between the mind and intellect and the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. some serious and perhaps depressing conversations or thoughts can come in today- but the point is to help us GET REAL. we need to see reality first before we can really know what is possible. dealing with things in work/career or friendship/group situations demands mastery and integrity today.


have a blessed week!


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