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The Theme Of Your Year, Based On Annual Profections

There are many distinct ways you can use astrology to help reveal ongoing themes within your life, an important one of these being your annual profection.  

Annual profections are an ancient Hellenistic Astrology practice of identifying the major theme of your solar year based on your key planet or Time Lord.

Your Time Lord changes each year on your birthday and represents the governing energy for the entire next year. 

This is quite literally the astrology of your own personal new year which can give you hints about upcoming themes or events within your life.  

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Annual profections are based on the astrological house system which is broken into twelve different houses that govern different areas of yourself and your life. 

Your first year of birth you are in your first house profection year based on your Rising sign’s house, and on your first birthday you enter your second profection year and so on, following the houses until you return every twelve years back to your first house where the cycle begins again.

Your Time Lord planet will help you gain clarity on what specific energy will be more activated throughout the coming profection year.  

Knowing and understanding your annual profection year helps you make decisions more aligned with your growth and move through any challenges with greater ease.  

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