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The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are The Luckiest In Love On January 12, 2023

We’ve got a lot that we’re up against today in astrology, transit-wise, but with the Sun trine Moon on our side, we will weather the storm and come out smelling like a rose.

January 12, 2023, is a lucky day in love for many people, and much of that luck in romance comes from what we can bypass.

If we can avoid the temptation to become angry or lost in thought, we will be able to see the love that is available to us.

We may run into an obstacle or two on Thursday, but overcoming those obstacles will add to our feeling of victory. 

Mars goes direct today, as it’s been in retrograde for a while now, and that alone should give us pause; still, we feel stronger than that which seeks to subdue us, so we proceed anyway.

Yes, we can feel that things may be off or a little too ‘heated’, but we also know in our hearts that this will pass.

Nothing gets in the way of our love on this day. We are loved and show love, and all is well in our world.

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Our saving grace comes to us in the form of the Sun trine Moon, which rarely doesn’t deliver. Expect much smiling and joy on this day.

If you are partnered with someone you’ve known for a long time, you and this person will reach a new understanding today. Everything in your love life feels accessible.

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