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The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On January 11, 2023

No one ever signs up for rough horoscopes, but Wednesday, January 11, 2023, is going to be tough for the three zodiac signs who get them. 

Things just aren’t going fast enough for some of us, and on this day, January 11, we’re going to be feeling more than just anxious and frustrated; we’re going to feel angry.

We want it done and done now, and guess what? Nothing is going anywhere too fast on this day. We will have to sit back and wait for the magical Moon square Mars to end its reign of terror. Well, maybe not ‘terror’ but you get the point.

You read it right, we have Moon square Mars in our sky today, and that’s like having an annoying neighbor blast music all through the night. It’s on the other side of the wall, but we can still hear it and become highly bothered by it.

While this is just a symbolic example, our real-life feeling on this day will swing towards the feeling of knowing something is out there, waiting to blow our day to smithereens, while we can’t place what exactly that thing will be.

If tension is the working term to describe how we feel today, rather than sniping at people with rough words will be the currency. We ‘buy’ ourselves more problems every time we open our mouths.

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