You are currently viewing Happy Lunar New Year 2023 • Jessica Adams: Psychic Astrologer

Happy Lunar New Year 2023 • Jessica Adams: Psychic Astrologer

Welcome to Lunar New Year

Around the world, it’s time to celebrate the end of the old and birth of the new, in Asian astrology.

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Year of the Rabbit

Lunar New Year begins on Sunday, January 22nd, 2023, and runs until Saturday, February 10th, 2024.

This time round it’s Year of the Rabbit. 2024 will be Year of the Dragon.

The World in Year of the Rabbit

The toughest economic cycle in decades ends in 2023 and by 2024 the world will have found a way to deal with the pandemic and the Climate Emergency – until the next round of changes.

Families in Year of the Rabbit

As I told my friends Sarah Vine and Imogen Edwards-Jones on their Daily Mail podcast, 2023 is about family change. Your family tree (and some famous family trees, around the world) will require life gardening. Pruning, trimming and maintenance. Some family trees must let branches go. The winds of change are blowing hard in 2023 in Asian astrology.

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You will need your time, date and place of birth to accurately obtain your Asian zodiac sign, as the dates change from year to year, based on the lunar cycle.

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Your Sign in Year of the Rabbit


New friends in 2023-2024 have noticeably different accents – and may even be bilingual.) Their experience of life, or their network overseas, could be the beginning of something big for you, taking you into undiscovered territory – spiritually, intellectually or globally. Rat, their background will be so dramatically different to your own, that you’ll feel as if you’re on a major learning curve about life, every time you get together this year.


If you are wedged into a position with your bank or accountant, which makes you feel trapped, you could break free in 2023. Your financial or business world is structured a certain way now. If you want to stage a revolution, that’s understandable – but make sure you are not going to affect anyone else, more than you must, in the process. A thoughtless revolution will cost you in 2023. Nevertheless if you genuinely feel the time has come for change, you may well decide to push a financial, business or property issue further, Ox.


Sometimes, Tiger, you have to confide in somebody. You will share a big secret in 2023-2024. This is particularly true if that rather confidential matter keeps making you feel stuck or marooned. Some issues cannot be shared, and some subjects are only fit for your diary. Yet there are some secrets you must trust others with now.

The outcomes related to this confidential matter depend on how carefully you think about the results. Tiger, this can lead to an endless number of conversations with yourself, but it’s productive.


Rabbit, this cycle in your sign can produce relationships that appeal to your need to escape. To live in a holiday from reality. This means an unfathomable phase in an old partnership, or a new association, with others do not understand, Rabbit. Now, the marriages, affairs, sexual partnerships and common-law marriages which turn up mean nobody should judge too much, least of all you. In an all-too real world, your mysterious love life in 2023 is another universe.


This is a crucial career year, Dragon. If you are retired, unemployed, housebound or just have full-time home responsibilities, all of the above applies to your own daily routine, and usual domestic life. This is a brilliant chance to create a new way of experiencing and appreciating your working life. Your health, medical condition, stamina, life force and well-being are also in focus now. Dragon, some kind of change in your own body, or in your own lifestyle is part of the story.


The old family situation no longer works for you in 2023-2024, Snake. Alternatively, the family change may be forced on you, by circumstances beyond your control. It’s actually not possible to hang onto the old set-up at this time, because you will either feel tremendous pressure to change, or you will reach a point where you try to push your own agenda. Alternatively, it may be you who is confronted, as what appeared to be a fixed state of affairs in your life is affected by other people. Snake, you will see that the change you have chosen (or the change forced upon you) has opened up all kinds of new possibilities, later on.


Over and over again, you’ll meet the same relationship scenario in 2023-2024. This can make you a seasoned expert on the way you and your partner, former partner or future partner operate together. Just because you’ve seen it all before (or you keep seeing it, every single day) does not mean you have to give up. Horse, further progress and experimentation, are possible – if you are willing to try. If you are single, you also need to bear this in mind. So, you wonder why either of you need to go through all this again – yet there’s a point to it.


2023-2024 is about a duet or duel in your life, Goat. Can you change the other person? No. Can you change the set-up? No, again. This will change your attitude towards this two-way street, in a way that improves your entire life.

Begin with the idea that you cannot alter the other side, or your other half – but you can alter your state of mind. This, Goat, is what makes you feel genuinely okay – even happy! This kind of creative thinking and hard work will not only help you to manage a ‘repeat, repeat, repeat’ situation with that person, but actually reshape you within.


During Year of the Rabbit, your friends will coax you into the same situation on a regular basis, leading to karma and closure too. Monkey, this situation is certainly karmic in nature, as the Asian sign cycle of 12 years always describes time-warps which are meant to teach us an important truth.

Groups of all kinds will also be the focus for this kind of time-warp effect now. Your involvement with a band, club, team, association, charity, cause or Twitter means saying and doing the same things, all the time. So…change within and gain.


Here’s something amazing about this Year of the Rabbit cycle; entire groups of people can be thrown back together, 12 years later, to sort things out – financially, in business, with property or charity. Once again, the issue will be debts or credits from other Rabbit cycles – favours, promises, debts, forgiveness, or even cash returns! There are no accidents in Asian astrology, or in life. If fate seems to be pulling you inexorably towards this closure – take it seriously. It adds up.


Dog, your own decision to choose how you’re going to feel about your finances in 2023-2024 is the key. You may literally be facing the same people, saying the same things – or doing the same things – so it’s a very good time to examine your values. The Rabbit cycle in 2023-2024 is about cash, possessions, business and property – but it’s also about your value system. So, what you will happily sell out for, and what you will point-blank refuse to compromise on. It’s about your own personal stock exchange, and what makes you feel richer.


2023-2024 is about independence for you. The freedom to make progress when you want to, in a direction that suits you, will matter enormously now. Pig, you may even find that you are part of a larger trend, where people en masse decide to leave their old set-ups behind and go to the next level. Out of this could come lasting change.

Surf with the waves and stay ahead. New ideas, new inventions and advances in technology are very likely to change the picture for you at this time and help with the independence you need.

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