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Mars goes Direct!!! At 3:56pm Eaatern/12:56pm Pacific the planet of war, aggression, anger, passion, weapons, the military, blood, our head, our passions, actions, and reactions, comes out of his do-over and starts to move forward again. He began his Retrograde on Oct 30th, asking us to address any of this through talking about it, meeting, listening, writing things down, focusing on sales, siblings, moves, vehicles, electronics, neighbors, short trips, or local activities, with an eye on what stays, what goes, or what can be reworked. As we entered January on the 1st, he hit the 8th degree in his Retrograde, the degree he turns around on today, so we’ve been more or less building to our climax with our choices since then. It will take until Jan 24th to get off of the 8th degree so pace yourself with forward movement in these arenas, and we don’t pass the post Shadow phase until Feb 8th so until this time we are moving forward with the topics we addressed during the Retrograde. The last 24 hours may have been more amped up regarding passion, anger, or activities as we were held on a pin ready to burst and to be fair it remains so today and tomorrow as the shift is completed and we start to feel movement so deep breath, we are officially coming out of it, we are going to see movement forward, let go of the tension as best you can if you got the more jarring side of Mars during this period. Luckily Mars only Retrogrades every couple of years, so we get a break now for a bit. Here’s something to ponder, what did this Retrograde, through anger, passion or activity, teach you about your own mind? It did Retrograde through Gemini after all. How do your thoughts play into what is really going on or not? The bulk of our day is in Virgo Moon energy, and this is in flow with the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn so it’s a good day for work, health or animal needs, setting or achieving goals, showing up and moving things along, working with others, connecting with higher-ups, and shining. This morning may bring another into it as you address what’s going on with institutions, research, recuperative needs, isolating situations, secrets, addictions, sadness, or anything with water issues, artistic interests, romance, or spirituality in the mix. Tune in Tonight for the Weekly Show and a look at the key dates moving forward after the end of both the Mars and Mercury Retrograde in our week ahead link below! PRAYER TODAY is ‘May we release all bottled up energy through a deep and grateful breath, forgiving ourselves for any pain that it caused and redirecting it towards new, active possibilities.’ Peak time is 3:55-4pm Eastern/12:55-1pm Pacific. To book a reading email and ask about how to set it up and what the rates and available dates are, no better way to start the New Year!

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