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Mercury Retrograde ends on January 18th, followed by New Moon on the 21st in Aquarius. The Sun moves to Aquarius on Friday the 20th. The real new year and fresh start are finally here! Mars and Mercury will both be direct after doubling up during Mars retograde.

What is your heartfelt wish for Lunar New Year and Year of the Rabbit?

Incorporate Jade, Rose Quartz or Green Tourmaline as crystals and stones for Rabbit year

Happy New Moon!


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Sunday ~ The Moon enters Scorpio at 7:08 am ET and later aligns with Mercury retrograde in Capricorn. Reconnect with a friend or a project you left unfinished. Stay centered in how you feel and establish a healthy boundary. Personal priorities are favored today. One center of focus is preferable to multiple projects or distractions. Note what’s worthy of your attention and renewal. Wear Indigo Blue.

Monday ~ Scorpio Moon opposes Uranus and is square to Venus. This may challenge patience and disturb what feels like the balance. But is it? Needing to reorganize and rearrange due to unforeseen circumstances CAN be a positive thing. Personal relationships experience conflict or differences which can result in more harmony or in necessary shift or separation. Black is today’s color.

Tuesday ~ Scorpio Moon overnight aligns with Neptune and the Sun, establishing some centeredness and possibly decisiveness as the day begins. Void Moon 9:27 am ET after the Moon aligns with Pluto in Capricorn. This morning is for deep thinking and reflection and acknowledging inner wisdom. Do not go against your intuition. At 12:33 pm ET the Moon shifts to Sagittarius and the element of fire is further amplified as the Moon and Jupiter form a trine. Quick moves and accelerated learning are two effects. The urge to move, travel, shift, and upgrade is likely to be strong. This can help us out of mid winter blues. Wear Red.

Wednesday ~ The Moon opposes Mars, newly direct in Gemini. Passive aggression is a cycle to break. Can this be done gently? Temper boldness or potential abrasiveness. Couch criticism or conflict with honest compliments and by acknowledging the positive, even if there are problems. Mercury stations direct at 8:12 am ET. This can be a whopper of a Mercury retrograde day though. Stay very aware of how you communicate, of potential misunderstandings, and of details that must not be forgotten. Capricorn hosts a meeting of the Sun and Pluto. Inner wisdom leads to public announcements and actions. Internal and external influences may balance out, resulting in decisions and readiness. The Moon and Venus are in harmony tonight for love, romance, dates, creative work and getting along well in general. Smooth something over, reconnect, and work in groups and teams. Wear Purple.

Thursday ~ Sagittarius Moon with the monthly square to Neptune and sextile to Saturn between 3:17 and 5:09 am ET, respectively. The Moon is then in the void of course zone until 2:11 pm ET. With Mercury newly stationed direct, this really feels like a day to pause and act very thoughtfully and slowly. If the impulse is to go faster, take a moment and check in. On this day before the Sun changes signs, and 2 days prior to New Moon, take stock, review, and emphasize perspective, view and lens so you don’t move too fast without all the necessary information and timing. Travel in groups. Put great ideas and minds together, in the same room or zoom room. Begin to clear the way for new endeavors and big ideas. Let the small stuff go. Moon in Capricorn 2:11 pm ET and square to Jupiter the planet of expansion tonight. Confront and begin to remove or sort out obstacles. Today’s color is Blue.

Friday ~ Capricorn Moon meets Mercury and aligns with Uranus in Taurus. The Sun moves to Aquarius at 3:30 am ET. A winter shift follows all of this. Random events or occurences make way for new perspective and change of focus. New Moon in Aquarius on Saturday is supported by Jupiter and favors growth, learning, beginnings and allies or mentorships. Brainstorm about what supports your dreams and endeavors now, and include the people who could play a part. Communicate a plan or a question clearly. Write things down, to recall later or for proof. Wear Turquoise.

Saturday ~ New Moon in Aquarius in harmony with Jupiter in Aries. Go forward with an open mind. A leap of faith could be called for. The energy of this New Moon is expansion and includes all the threads of connection we have to other people and places. Think of Radiating and Rays of the Sun for inspiration. This day starts with Capricorn Moon meeting Pluto and in harmony with Neptune. Dreams may be activated and journaling and reflecting is favored before New Moon. The Moon shifts to Aquarius at 1:29 pm ET and meets the Sun at 3:53 pm ET. That’s the New Moon moment. Take action close to New Moon, in the two weeks ahead and as close to this day as feels right. Wear White.

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