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The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Need To Be Loved During Moon Trine Venus On January 14, 2023

There’s a lot of thinking going on on January 14, 2023, for three zodiac signs. There will be thoughts of love, or more specifically, how we need to be loved and what we will do to get what we need.

Such a simple predicament to be in, yet, we’d hope a simple answer is readily available. For three zodiac signs who need to be loved during Moon trine Venus, love and other such events are seemingly beyond our grasp on this day.

And as it goes, when we don’t have something in our immediate grasp, we tend to want it even more. Suddenly, if we aren’t being loved the way we want to be loved, we’ll notice it, and we’ll turn it inside out.

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That means because we feel the need to be loved, and the reality shows that we are not being loved, we will end up spending this day moping around as if the world is about to end. So, there is a bit of self-pity involved with Moon trine Venus, but mainly because we are well intended; we tried, but we got nothing, making us nervous.

This isn’t a day of anger or stress, but it is one of overthinking, nervous reactions and a slight feeling of isolation in our loneliness. We get it into our heads that everybody else is happy and that, somehow, we’ve been left out of the Happiness Picture.

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It’s a very ‘me-centric’ day; we can’t see past our noses today, and while today doesn’t present a threat or danger per se, we of certain zodiac signs in astrology may feel as though everything is against us on this day.

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