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The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On January 13, 2023

Another rough day is up ahead, folks, for three zodiac signs in astrology. For Aries, Taurus, and Leo zodiac signs, January 13, 2023, is a day for the books.

Our ruling transit is Moon square Mercury, which means that we will have a very hard time keeping our emotions in check, especially if we feel we can’t keep our mouths shut and must express ourselves.

January 13th, three zodiac signs are eaten alive by their emotions, implying that drama wins and peaceful thoughts get trampled over.

What makes this day rough for the individual is the idea that today we may either be insulted or misread and the idea of someone believing that we will stand for this is something other than what we can take.

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We are too overly passionate about defending ourselves today, and during Moon square Mercury, we will almost make sure we get ourselves into hot water because of it.

Whenever we have a transit that is ‘squared’ it usually presents us with troubling circumstances; rarely is a square transit the one you hope for. During Moon square Mercury, we will see how unruly and emotionally we can get over the smallest things.

We may not even wait around for one of those little things to happen; we might create a situation that allows us to indulge in all the defensive, irate emotions we can handle.

We are not hostile today; we are on edge and ready to defend ourselves. The problem is that nothing is attacking us, and there is nothing to defend.

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