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What House Is My Moon In? How To Use Moon Houses To Connect With Your Emotions

In astrology, the Moon governs the deepest and most intimate part of your life: your emotions.  

While not technically a planet, the Moon is considered just as important as any other part of astrology because of the way it helps describe how you feel and process emotions and feelings.  

Your emotions are tied to every other facet of your life which makes it crucial to understand this sometimes-hidden part of yourself.  

While your Sun sign governs how others see you, your Moon sign rules who you truly are on the deepest level — and the astrology house your Moon is in affects how this shows up for you.  

Understanding how your Moon sign is affected by the house that it is in lets you understand what challenges may arise as well as how you feel about yourself and express yourself to others.  

The Moon represents emotions. The individual zodiac sign it’s in represents the qualities of those feelings and the house that it is within governs how they will be expressed and benefit you throughout your life. 

Which house is my Moon in? 

The house your Moon sign is in is determined by your birth date, time and location.

You can use a natal chart calculator to calculate all of your astrology placements. Once you’ve calculated your chart, look for your Ascendant or Rising sign. This is the first house in your chart.

From there, look for your Moon sign placement. Beginning from your Rising sign, count the houses until you reach the house your Moon is in.

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