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What to Do When Retrogrades End

The first thing you need to do when retrogrades end is maximize the slowing energy. Take time to get extra rest, to relax, and to manage stress in a healthy way. This can leave you free to get moving and refreshed when you have the chance.

Go over what has transpired in the last few weeks or months while the planet or body was retrograde. What problems arose that have yet to be fixed, and you can work on now? What did you learn? What do you want to do differently now?

Take that information and work on your plans for the coming weeks/months. How can you improve these plans, and make sure you stick with them?

You may want to take time to be reflective and introspective. Take stock of what you’re feeling emotionally, and of what your mind is focused on. Dip into your subconscious, and see if there’s any extra sludge to remove.

It can be easy to give in to the temptation to jump into action as soon as a retrograde ends, but this usually isn’t the right idea. Instead, you want to go over your plans, gather information, and proceed cautiously.

Depending on the planet or body (and whatever other astrology is occurring at the same time), it can take a little while for energy to really pick back up again and to regain forward momentum. Try to go with this, and know that it’ll pick up eventually. Just be patient 🙂

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