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Well, tonight looks a lot crazier than today but it may just be some crazy sprinkled throughout the day for you early birds. We’re in Libra Moon, balanced, seeking balance, relationship, connecting with others, higher esthetics, seeking the refined, and starting out today, needing to be adaptive when it comes to the products, purchases, income, possessions, or the artistic, romantic, spiritual, institutional, or research needs. We then find our flow, get serious, put in effort or time, make commitments, or get ambitious about our aspirations in the mix or what is going on socially or online with these higher esthetics, our balance, or the partners, clients, specialists, reps, or other relationships. Now, for the crazy. Venus squares Uranus followed by the Libra Moon squaring the Sun and then squaring Pluto, all perfecting after 8pm Eastern so that’s when the fun peaks, so to speak. Um, yep. There could be some last minute invite that throws plans into a fury of getting ready and running out, there could be some sudden change regarding someone acting out of character, there can always be accident prone scenarios with all this excitement, there could be good surprises that tilt the evening in another direction and throw you into a fray, the internet could be the source of the wild-card, something breaking could put a dent in the objectives, maybe there’s a piece of jewelry in question, you get the idea, it’s wild-card Uranus in frictional ramp-up. With Venus we could have love, income, beauty, or pleasure being impacted or the catalyst for what is happening with Uranus so she’s definitely going to be felt in the mix. Libra Moon squaring the Sun and Pluto means something about our goals or status in this story or involving higher ups, our own needs, and where we are with power, control, jealousy, third-parties, passion, sex, financial concerns, or deeper needs are amping up as well with these partners, clients, specialists, representatives, opponents, advocates, or the like. We could be pushing for more, tested over something or frustrated with obstacles, so go the squares. I’d say it doesn’t sound boring, here we go! PRAYER TODAY is ‘May we be in the moment, willing to adlib when the story goes off page, so as to play the hero/heroine in the play of our lives.’ Peak time is 8:20-8:25pm Eastern/5:20-5:25pm Pacific. To book a reading email and ask about how to set it up and what the rates and available dates are, no better way to start the New Year!

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