You are currently viewing Mercury Direct & “Kited” Aquarius New Moon: January 16-31 2023 Astrology Forecast

Mercury Direct & “Kited” Aquarius New Moon: January 16-31 2023 Astrology Forecast

Mercury turning direct and a “Kited” Aquarius New Moon headline the second half of January. We also have Uranus turning direct, the Sun entering Aquarius, and two new aspect patterns!

This forecast covers this half-month’s most important astrological events. Also check out my award-winning This Week in Astrology audio podcast and YouTube video forecasts!

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As of January 16 …

The Moon is waning (there was a Cancer Full Moon on 1/6).

Mercury is retrograde thru 1/18 at 8:12 am EST
Uranus is retrograde thru 1/22.

There’s a Venus-Uranus-Lunar Nodes T-Square thru 1/18.
There’s a Mercury-Mars-Chiron-South Node Yod thru 1/29.
There’s a Mars-Chiron-South Node Yod thru 2/5.

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1/18 (Wed)

Mercury Direct

Mercury Direct With Red ArrowForward motion is once again supported as Mercury turns direct at 8:12 am EST (8°8′ Capricorn). Mercury has been retrograde since 12/29 (24°21′ Capricorn).

Certain themes were ripe for contemplation as Mercury turned retrograde. Mercury’s entire retrograde took place within Capricorn: a good time to reflect on how well you’re embodying this sign’s higher qualities. These include maturity, organization, and time management, as well as planning and implementation.

Continuing with Capricorn themes, are you balancing time alone (the hermit) with sharing your insights with others (the wise elder)? Are you keeping a healthy work-life balance, and avoiding excessive ambition and bossiness?


2022 12 29 Mercury Retrograde

Mercury made six tight aspects as it turned retrograde.

The theme of relationships was doubly emphasized, due to Mercury’s nearly exact conjunction with Venus and its sextile with Juno, the asteroid goddess of committed partnership. With Venus in Capricorn, are your relationships helping you move toward your goals? With Juno in Pisces (and conjunct Neptune), are you making appropriately deep energetic connections in your committed partnerships?

With Mercury conjunct Pluto, how are you handling wealth and power? Have you definitively declared to the universe precisely what kind of wealth you want? (Wealth can be anything you value, not just money.)

How fully have you healed the old traumas that have stopped you from stepping fully into your personal power? And have you clearly decided whether your path is service-to-self (power over others) or service-to-other (power shared with others)?

With Mercury sextile Neptune, how important is a conscious connection with your divine consciousness, and how deeply have you developed it? Are you manifesting the divine inspirations you’re receiving? And are you able to consistently maintain “flow state”?

Finally, Mercury squared Mars and opposed Pallas Athena. Can you comfortably step into the roles of warrior, pioneer, entrepreneur, and sexual being? And are you “working smart” by using strategy, diplomacy, and negotiation?

With so many aspects, this Mercury retrograde offered a wealth of themes to reflect on. Which ones have you gained insight on? With Mercury direct, pick the most important ideas and start taking whatever action is most helpful!

A (Mostly) Green Light

Now that Mercury is direct, the decks are mostly clear to start major new ventures or make appropriate large purchases. However, these are best supported by a waxing Moon. If you can wait three days, wait to take important new actions until after the New Moon on 1/21.

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Kite Supports Wisdom Sharing

2023 01 27 Kite Sun Mars Ceres Jupiter

Sharing your wisdom with the world is harmoniously supported by a Kite that starts today (1/18), peaks on 1/27 and ends on 2/3. It includes the Sun in Aquarius, Mars in Gemini, Ceres in Libra, and Jupiter in Aries.

Jupiter, at the tip of the Kite, is the professor, philosopher, or guru, and is emboldened in assertive Aries. Mars in Gemini fires up communication, white the Aquarian Sun encourages you to spread your unique insights. FInally, Libran Ceres potentiates abundance as you communicate your creativity to others.

This Kite also supports any kind of learning and communication, especially if it’s in an area that electrifies you. It can also energize abundance and prosperity!

1/19 (Thu)

T-Square Fire Up Aquarius/Uranus Energy

2023 02 01 T Square Sun Uranus Lunar NodesAstrology’s eleventh archetype, represented by Aquarius and Uranus, is fired up by a T-Square that starts today (1/19), peaks on 2/1 and ends on 2/6. It includes the Aquarian Sun, Uranus, and the Lunar Nodes.

To make optimal use of the Aquarius/Uranus archetype, internally accept what’s unique about you and share it with the world to the greatest extent that serves highest good. Follow your intuitive hits, which are the most accurate guidance a human can get. And serve others using your special talents that you most love to use!

With the Lunar Nodes in the mix, do all this in whatever way best aligns with your life purpose.

Aquarius/Uranus energy can feel jangly and crazy-making when it doesn’t get enough high-side expression. If you’re feeling its chaotic side, focus on those high-side expressions and give it something better to do!

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1/20 (Fri)

Aquarius GlyphThe Sun enters Aquarius at 3:30 am EST. For the next month, keep my three favorite high-side Aquarian principles in mind: embodying and expressing your unique human self, following your intuitive hits, and serving others using your special gifts and talents that you most love to use!

1/21 (Sat)

“Kited” Aquarian New Moon

2023 01 21 New Moon

There’s a New Moon at 3:53 pm EST (1°32′ Aquarius). Any Aquarius New Moon is great for new beginnings in these three areas:

  1. Internally embrace what’s unique and different about yourself, and show it to the world to the greatest extent that serves highest good.
  2. Let yourself be guided by your intuitive hits. These “I know it in my bones” insights come from your higher self, and are the most trustworthy guidance available! (Has your life gone better when you followed these or went against them?)
  3. You have certain abilities that set you apart from most other people. If you enjoy using them, how can you serve others with them? Each person is born in response to a need of the collective, and your special abilities highlight the “Zone of Genius” in which you can optimally serve!


All of this New Moon’s aspects form a Kite. This harmonious aspect pattern can help you flow more easily into its potentials. Its planets include the Moon, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Ceres, Juno, and Pluto.

(This Kite shares many planets with the Kite that started on 1/18, so these interpretations may sound similar!)


This New Moon’s most important aspect is Pluto’s potent conjunction with the Aquarian luminaries. This “big change fast” dynamic can supercharge rapid paradigm shifts. If you’ve been thinking about doing something bold or unconventional, this waxing Moon period could be the time you’ve been waiting for!

As lord of the underworld, Pluto can also energize shadow work. Do you have an old wound or trauma that’s getting triggered? (This is how it asks to be healed!) An unconventional technique, such as this free Healing Invocation that’s helped thousands with surprising ease and speed, could be an appropriately Aquarian approach!

Pluto also rules power. Are you exercising “service-to-self” power, which pursues its desires without regard for any harm it might cause others? Or are you taking the high road of “service-to-other” power, which wants everyone to come out shining?

Finally, Pluto introduces us to this Kite’s main theme: wealth! (This theme is further empowered by Ceres, the grain goddess associated with harvest and abundance, and endlessly expansive Jupiter.)

Plutonian wealth can expand beyond money and possessions to include anything you value, whether it’s material or energetic. Are you clear on the specific manifestations of wealth you want, so the universe can give it to you more easily?

Other Planets

Mars can help you launch your New Moon goals boldly and assertively. His placement in Gemini can fire you up to learn whatever information you need, as well as share whatever information you’re called to disseminate. (Jupiter in Aries has a similar mission: proactively broadcasting information as a philosopher, professor, guru, or other wisdom-giver.)

Juno, tightly conjunct Jupiter at the tip of the Kite, adds the theme of committed partnership. This could mean that you’re closely partnering with someone as you work toward your New Moon goals. Or Juno could represent someone you’re serving, or who’s helping you, within some sort of meaningful relationship container.

All the planets and aspects within this Kite give you lots of great choices on how to use this powerful New Moon energy. Take your pick and get in gear!

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1/22 (Sun)

Uranus Direct

Uranus GlyphUranus turns direct at 5:58 pm EST (14°56′ Taurus). He’s been retrograde on 8/24 (18°55′ Taurus).

When Uranus turned retrograde, I suggested that you reflect on the core themes of Uranus in your life. Since Uranus has the same keywords as Aquarius, these will probably sound familiar:

  • How well are you using your unique genius?
  • Are you accepting what’s unusual about you, and showing it to the world as appropriate?Are you following your intuitive hits?
  • Are you serving others with your special talents that you most love to use?

Now that Uranus is direct, it’s a great time to take action on the insights you’ve gained from these reflections. And it doesn’t hurt that the Sun in Aquarius and Aquarius New Moon are delivering the same message!

1/25 (Wed) thru 1/29 (Sun)

Mercury’s a Busy Bee!

Mercury GlyphLearning and communication are energized by three Mercury aspects in five days:

  1. A Mercury-Neptune quintile (11°25′ Capricorn-23°25′ Pisces) on 1/25 makes it easier to receive a smooth flow of intuitive knowledge from your higher wisdom.
  2. A Mercury-Chiron square on 1/27 (12°29′ Capricorn-Aries) is great for sharing or receiving wisdom.
  3. Finally, a Mercury-Uranus trine on 1/29 (14°57′ Capricorn-Taurus) makes it easy to catch intuitive hits from your higher self!
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