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The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Love Completely During The Moon Opposite Uranus On January 16, 2023

You would think that with a name like Moon opposite Uranus, we’d be looking at trouble today, but the interesting part about this transit is that there’s good news for three zodiac signs who want to love completely.

On January 16, 2023, we’ll be fortunate enough to be in the presence of this transit as it shakes and stirs our lives up.

This is when we literally DO that crazy thing that we’ve been talking about. And when this transit, Moon opposite Uranus, works on two people, it brings out their madness in all the right ways.

Folie à deux. A madness shared by two. That is what the Moon opposite Uranus brings to us, and it’s fun. Today will bring about wicked smiles and secret giggles; we will be laughing at inside jokes all day long.

And because we share a nutty sense of humor with the person we love, our jokes will be all the more hilarious and personal. On this day, we’re not satisfied to go out and grab some food; today is the day we spend too much money, going to a restaurant we can’t afford while dressing up as dinosaurs and video game characters. And we do it because we are wild and crazy things that cannot be stopped.

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Fun is the name of today’s game, and taking it all to another level is what the stakes are all about. Today puts the idea into our heads that we CAN do what we want and that we SHOULD do what we want and we should do it together because it’s so much more fun that way.

We’re about to set the bar today, zodiac signs. If you are one of the three signs mentioned here today, prepare for excitement!

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