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Each Zodiac Sign’s Luckiest Day Of The Week For January 16 – 22, 2023

The week ahead finally brings all planets direct, and the Super New Moon in Aquarius supercharges you for the year ahead.

After a long retrograde season, all planets will finally be direct by the end of the week, encouraging any forward movement in your personal or professional life.

Mercury will turn direct in Capricorn, followed by Uranus in Taurus.

Both in earth signs mean you can now act within your life and have a stronger and more stable base from which to do so.

Mercury rules communication, so conversations and beginning to follow through on plans will be encouraged now.

Alongside Uranus, known as the Great Awakener, you will be able to embrace all the changes that life brings, no matter how unexpected they might seem.

This is the end of the retrograde season until April, an extremely lucky time for you to take chances, embrace risk, follow through on plans and make the most of planetary energy.

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Also occurring this week is the Super New Moon in Aquarius.

This also falls at the beginning of the Lunar New Year, and with it being a super moon, it will be more powerful than normal.

The Aquarius Moon will be a call to focus on what you feel passionate about.

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