You are currently viewing Starcana Cosmic Forecast | Astrology for January 16-22 — Starcana Intuitive Life Guidance

Starcana Cosmic Forecast | Astrology for January 16-22 — Starcana Intuitive Life Guidance

After three weeks in retrograde, Mercury stations direct on Wednesday January 18. In coming days, communications and connections will finally begin to improve and move forward again; giving us the green light to reach out to others again. As we make this effort, it would be in our favor to practice what we’ve learned in the last few weeks, regarding the way we think, the words we choose and our general approach. 

On the same day, the intense vibrations from a powerful Sun/Pluto conjunction will provide an opportunity for using self-control, along with our most recent communication learnings – to achieve our deepest desires. Be prepared though, to surrender and make a deep sacrifice – which could hurt – but would allow transformation. Without awareness, truth and/or self-control; our demons and darkest shadows will be eager to take hold of the steering wheel. Are you be ready to let go of what hasn’t produced succulent fruit – in order to evolve?

There is no such thing as a self-made man. You will reach your goals only with the help of others. George Shinn

Originality, friends, freedom, the higher mind, balance and altruism will be the theme during the next four weeks as radiant Sun moves from builder Capricorn into friendly Aquarius, Friday, January 20… and an Aquarius New Moon on Saturday January 21… while Uranus (ruler of Aquarius, which has been retrograde since August) stations direct on Sunday January 22. Big winds are producing big changes – can you feel the energy?

A great wind is blowing, and that gives you either imagination or a headache. Catherine the Great

As we wonder about our next journey or an unexpected shift, we’ll find ourselves fantasizing and making silent wishes – which will help to plant new moon intentions – so make sure that thoughts are positive. It may also be helpful to know that as direction is changing again, we’ll be shifting too. We may be more inclined to disappear, reinvent ourselves, chase a different dream… or just freeze from unexpected fear. We can appear cold, distant, rebellious, uncaring or cruel – if we’re not being our typical self in these changing, chaotic winds. 

If this is true, it can be quite human of us – if we were to temporarily step away from ourselves – to gently share a kind explanation. Express what is being experienced, while there’s no intention to cause hurt or harm. Otherwise… misunderstandings, miscommunications  and/or arguments may take place while we’re under under Mercury’s confusing shadow for the next few weeks. 

A truth does not mind being questioned. A lie does not like being challenged. Nietzsche

With magick and healing energy in the air, including a considerate Venus/Saturn conjunction on Sunday January 22… experiment with kindness and grace. Compliment inner traits. Share affection. Practice decency. Be an example of love. Create independence and unity for ourselves, but also for others. There’s plenty of space for each of us to grow our own way, without any of us having to lose connection with one another.

Inhale peace, Exhale balance.

Weekly tarot message: A poor investment gets remodeled. [SevenPentaclesRx/KingCupsRx]. For more insight, check out your monthly tarot card in the December 2022 Tarotscope, and subscribe to my weekly cosmic writings. Much love. ~Suzi

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