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The 3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Horoscopes On Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Today, the universe slows down as Mercury is stationary in Capricorn before turning direct tomorrow. 

Right before and right after a planet turns retrograde, its energies are felt the most strongly, which means that with Mercury ruling thoughts and communication, it is time to slow down and practice the pause. 

Beginning the year during a Mercury Retrograde means you must deal with some lingering issues or themes before finding that new beginning and momentum forward that you are craving.  

It is starting a new chapter while reflecting on the previous one.  

During these last few weeks of Mercury Retrograde, you experienced the Full Moon in Cancer, Mars turning direct in Gemini, and Venus in Aquarius, activating the previous Eclipse series. 

All of this has brought an incredible amount of new awareness and the realization of what is of the most value to you as you begin to move ahead. 

Frustrations were likely as you had more moments of clarity, but you also felt restricted from moving ahead. 

However, all of that is set to change; today, though, is not one to forge ahead but instead to practice the pause. 

Mercury is known as the master of the mind, and while in this precipitous position of turning direct tomorrow, it is important to understand the energies at play. 

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