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It’s the last full day of Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn and Mercury is still echoing his review of personal goals, career, status, or the boss, parent, director, mentor, judge, leader, or other authority figure. Is there something you need to say, hear, think about, write, or decide about past or ongoing stories in these areas? Is there some situation involving activities locally or with short trips, writing, sales, agreements, vehicles, electronics, moves, siblings, or neighbors that you can look at with an eye on working around or giving a bit or asking for another to give a bit? This peaked in the wee hours so maybe you got at this yesterday in the build-up or maybe you wake with it this morning, either way, this is the last full day to review, release, rekindle, or rework something here in the Mercury Retrograde. We move through the last of Scorpio Moon this morning with good alignments to the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn so deeper connections, understandings, changes, evolvement, intimacy, financial direction, or third-party influences are possible that then tie in with our personal goals, career or authority figures. It’s how we are showing up for this on a personal or physical level or how our needs are being pursued, and trust me, this will be even stronger tomorrow. The Moon moves into Sagittarius at 12:33pm Eastern and the vibe of the day shifts towards more intellectual pursuits, our need for adventure and happiness, personal growth, what’s going on with learning or teaching, our religious or political beliefs, media, travel, foreign, distant, legal, or ceremonial interests. This forms a harmonic with Jupiter in Aries bringing a lift in spirit and drive to fulfill our own potential or interests. This is in flow and quite buoyant! PRAYER TODAY is ‘May any early programming with a limiting influence fall away.’ Peak time is 12:30-12:35pm Eastern/9:30-9:35am Pacific. See you there! ~Zoe Moon”

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