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Progressed Aspects to Natal Ceres


​Ceres is a dwarf planet ruling nourishment, support, and resources in astrology, while the progressed chart moves your natal chart forward to reflect your maturation and growth, and be used in predictive analysis. So, what is the impact of the progressed planets to natal Ceres?

In this article, we’re going to cover progressed Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars to natal Ceres. The other planets move quite slow, so they usually won’t venture too far from their natal position and from whatever aspect they’re already making to your natal Ceres.

Progressed Aspects to Natal Ceres:

Progressed Sun to Natal Ceres

When the progressed Sun sextiles or trines your natal Ceres, this can be an excellent time for nurturing yourself and taking care of your own needs, especially physically and tangibly. You may get more opportunities to improve your finances, and you can feel more supported and secure overall in life.

When the progressed Sun squares or opposes your natal Ceres, this can be a challenging time for making sure your needs are being met. You may feel like you lack in some way, and this may be physical lacking or perceived lacking. Insecurity can be strong, and you likely need to address the root issue at the core of this.

When the progressed Sun conjuncts your natal Ceres, this can be an incredible time for nourishment, support, and financially. You may be presented with a big opportunity that brings lots of abundance into your life. You may absorb some of Ceres energy into your personality, and may be more nurturing, supportive, and resourceful.

Progressed Moon to Natal Ceres

When the progressed Moon is sextile or trine your natal Ceres, this can be a great time for feeling emotionally nurtured and understood. You can do what you need to meet your emotional needs and nourish yourself emotionally. You can also be much more emotionally understanding with others, and want to nurture them emotionally as well.

When the progressed Moon is square or opposite your natal Ceres, this can make you feel emotionally insecure and unstable. You may feel like you’re lacking support and resources, and this can create anxiousness and despair at times. You may need to work on being more creative with how you meet your needs, as well as work on better boundaries with others, who may try to take too much from you.

When the progressed Moon is conjunct your natal Ceres, this can be amazing for emotional support. You can feel stable emotionally, calm, and even, and able to help others in many new ways. You can focus on what makes you feel good and is healthy for you, and you can stabilize your life, or have opportunities to work on something from the ground up.

Progressed Mercury to Natal Ceres

When progressed Mercury is sextile or trine your natal Ceres, you can voice your support for people, ideas, and plans more easily. You may work to support yourself mentally, and can get support from others for what you’re thinking and planning. You can feel at ease mentally, and take care of your mental needs, wanting to nourish your mind.

When progressed Mercury is square or opposite your natal Ceres, you may feel more misunderstood than usual, and this may cause you to either lash out with your words, or to keep quiet too much. You likely need to get into your subconscious mind to figure out where this is coming from, and work on the issue at hand. If you can get control of this, you can turn things around.

When progressed Mercury is conjunct your natal Ceres, you can share your ideas and plans, and get lots of support from others. You may focus on plans and ideas that allow you to be more helpful, resourceful, or nurturing. You may have two different things to focus on that relate to nourishment, support, or resources, but you can manage them well. You may be more pleasant in your communications, and others can take you seriously.

Progressed Venus to Natal Ceres

When progressed Venus is sextile or trine your natal Ceres, you can nurture your relationships with ease, and in healthy ways. It can be easy to nourish the people in your life, and you can be quite supportive. You may feel that your relationships give a lot to you, and working with a partner may prove beneficial. This can be a great time for commitment and compromise.

When progressed Venus is square or opposite your natal Ceres, it can be difficult for you to find balance in your relationships. You may be surrounded by takers, and if you lack boundaries, you can give way too much away, leaving yourself deprived. On the other hand, you may take too much, becoming dependent on others for your physical, mental, and emotional well being, and this leaves you in a difficult place. Finding balance and maintaining boundaries becomes extra important.

When progressed Venus is conjunct your natal Ceres, you can be super nurturing of others, a major helper in some way, and you can find that this nourishes you. As long as you maintain healthy boundaries, this can be a good thing for you. A big opportunity can come to you that is extremely beneficial for your resources or finances, and leaves you in a prosperous state. There may be something you need to make a big compromise on though, but it can be for the best.

Progressed Mars to Natal Ceres

When progressed Mars is sextile or trine your natal Ceres, you can feel enthusiastic about nurturing others, and about nurturing yourself. You can take the initiative with nourishment, as well as with opportunities that improve your resources and finances. This can help put you in a good place for abundance, and you can feel supported as you go along.

When progressed Mars is square or opposite your natal Ceres, you can struggle with finding opportunities when you need them, or taking action with them when you have the chance. You may be impatient and impulsive with money and resources, and this can put you in a bind. You need to control that energy, and not let it control you. If you can do that, you can use the extra energy to your advantage, though progress may be slower than you’d like.

When progressed Mars is conjunct your natal Ceres, this can bring great energy and drive for improving your resources and finances, and you may find that taking the initiative pays off for you in big ways. You may also be extra supportive of others, and can use what you have to help out. Others may be impressed by your abilities and your energy, and can look to you to take the lead, which you can be more comfortable doing.

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