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Sat Sangat Astrology: Eclipses Over Texas

Credit: American Astronomical Society

The city of Austin was designated capital of Texas Jan 15, 1839 at 11:42 am.1

This is the image of the upcoming October 2023, and April 2024 eclipses shadows over Texas that has been roaming the social media. The shadow lines seem to cross exactly at the very core of Texas in Austin. However, a closer look to the map in the software shows the October 2023 eclipse path goes through Odessa, San Angelo, San Antonio, and Corpus Christi. And the April 2024 eclipse path 2 goes parallel East to Texas tornado alley 3 through San Antonio, Austin, Waco, and Dallas. 

Why does the US have so many tornadoes? Credit 47abc

The October 14, 2023 Solar Eclipse on the Birth Chart of Austin.

The Midheaven lines of the Sun and Moon pass over Lafayette, Alexandria, Monroe in Louisiana, and up North through Rochester and Austin, in Minnesota. 

The transiting Sun and Moon at 21º ♎️ plant a seed in the subject of relationships, and of alliances with others, or partnerships. Both conjoin the natal Jupiter Ceres conjunction at 18º ♎️, sending the impact to the 9th house of international affairs. The Eclipse also opposes transiting Eris, Goddess of Discord,  at 24º ♈️, who fights to be recognized among the Gods when she was not invited to their banquet.

 Transiting Chiron 17º ♈️, opposing the Jupiter Ceres natal conjunction, brings an undeniable crisis of existence or identity,  due to an actual natural disaster, or a political, or demographic crisis. The opposition of Jupiter challenges the people to discover the service that the vulnerability and inadequacy can provide on the journey of becoming whole.4

The Eclipse also squares the midpoint between the natal Sun and the chart’s Midheaven. Something in the State relationships or alliance with its partners (the other states of the Union?) affects its core Identity and its World status.

The April 8, 2024 Solar Eclipse on the Birth Chart of Austin

The Sun and the Moon lines on the Midheaven together with Chiron pass over Houston, TX. 

Sun, Moon and Chiron are exactly conjunct at 19º♈️ opposing the Austin TX natal conjunction of Jupiter and Ceres at 18º♎️ and square the natal MC at 18º♑️. 

Thus, this eclipse not only will affect the very existence of Texas, but also the alliances with other states or entities (7th house), the international affairs (Jupiter rules the 9th house) and its world status (10th house). 

Will Texas suffer a major natural catastrophe where it would need help from others? Will it be a political identity crisis where it would want to end relationships? Mercury conjunct Eris, with the Apple of Discord, at 24º♈️ on the Ascendant, announces a rebellious message. They also square the natal Austin Sun and Moon at the Midheaven. 

If that is not enough the transiting North Lunar Node exactly conjoins natal Pluto, the planet of profound transmutations and regeneration through death and rebirth.

Regardless, the overpopulation of Aries, the Sign of the Austin, TX Ascendant, is impressive to say the least. When there is so much energy transiting the Sign of the Ascendant, significant events can be expected. 


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5- Charts were generated by Solar Fire software.

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