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Spirit Asteroid Astrology: Your Soul’s Astrological Age

Within your birth chart exists innumerable ways of discovering not just your purpose in this life, but secrets from past lives as well.  

Your birth chart represents where the planets, stars, and luminaries were at the precise moment of your birth, which together provides insight into different aspects of your life such as your personality traits, the lessons you will learn throughout life and the gifts that you bring.

In modern astrology, asteroids also play a role in your astrological makeup.

One of the lesser-known but still incredibly important asteroids is called Spirit.  

The Spirit asteroid in astrology can tell you if you have an old soul or a young soul.

According to popular astrology TikToker @ShawtyHerbs, the Spirit asteroid in astrology can identify whether you have an old soul or a young one.  

When it comes to your soul, those who believe in reincarnation believe that everyone keeps reincarnating on earth until all their lessons have been learned and they graduate to the spiritual realm forever (unless they choose to return on their own accord). 

Some may be incredibly young souls, having only incarnated here in this world just a few times whereas others may be old souls.  

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Traditionally, the asteroid Spirit shows what gifts you came to this life with to use for the greater good of all. 

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