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MERCURY RETROGRADE IS OVER! At 8:12am Eastern Mercury ended his do-over in the sign Capricorn and went Direct. H will be moving over the degrees is revisited now through Feb 8th giving us the chance to say, hear, think, or decide some things about what came up and then w he will be into what’s next after this Shadow phase ends. So, look at personal goals, career needs, status, fame, the boss, parent, judge, director, mentor, or other authority figures and what is possible now moving forward. At 9:44am Eastern the Sun and Pluto merged on the same degree in Capricorn, kicking off a new yearly story between them. So, you are showing up regarding this goal, career matter or authority figure, it’s personal or physical, involve your name, title, brand, or image, or needs, and helps you dig deeper, make changes, evolve, transform, look at the financial, sexual, reproductive, mortality, divorce, or third0 party influences with them to get started. There’s an adjustment today with friends, online, with money, purchases, possessions, or with aspirations so give a little. We then wind down the day with Venus opening up her opportunities for love or income, beauty or pleasure in the story. PRAYER TODAY is ‘May we step into our power with grace.’ Peak time is 1:40-1:45pm Eastern/10:40-10:45am Pacific. See you there! ~Zoe Moon”

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