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The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are The Luckiest In Love On January 20, 2023

The diligent Sun has just moved into friendly Aquarius, and the Moon is conjunct with Mercury while in harmony with Uranus. Guess what that spells for us? Luck in love, and for some of us, today’s heightened look at love will surely knock our socks off.

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Our main transit today is the entrance into Aquarius season, and this zodiac sign, Aquarius, can be very special. This zodiac sign brings out our hidden desires. During Aquarius season, we consciously intend to let go of what inhibits us in love.

Many of us can expect a rather wild day, and it won’t be the kind of wild that comes with throwing chancletas (sandals) at each other.

The wildness we can expect is the kind that comes from making a firm decision to become less uptight and more amiable towards our partner. Whether with someone or single, today is the day we surprise even ourselves with how nuts we can really be.

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We’ve all heard that one line regarding love and romance: “They make me laugh, and that’s why it’s lasted this long.” This is key, signs. We need to be with people who make us laugh and who do not burden us with continuous stress and heaviness.

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